10 Things You Didn’t Know Our Coworking Could do for You

Coworking, generally speaking, means that you can access a productive, shared office environment for your business, for the least amount of dollars, in the most flexible terms possible.

From there the list of benefits expands to what has now become the norm for most of the market. These include Coffee, beer-on-tap, conference rooms, multiple wifi networks, events, community and such. Some even go a step further and focus on niche markets: Wellness, technology, creative, maker spaces, fashion, etc…

This evolution has been great for the initial offering of flexible office space. What we’ve noticed though, is that beyond this diversification of themes the value being provided to members, in essence, remains the same. We wanted to touch upon some items that we’ve come to realize, aren’t really standard or available in most locations involved in our industry. The reason we say “realize” is because these are things that we never even explain to prospects, the public or anyone prior to signing up with us. We’ve put a list together of things that you can ACTUALLY count on with your membership at StartHub that I’m sure you didn’t know you could enjoy.

These benefits apply to ALL membership levels, from a single entrepreneur, part-time Flexible desk to a Downtown Miami views private suite company team of 8+.


1. Brand our office under your company (our workspace becomes your workspace)

This means… Total take-over of our entire facilities, for you, your clients and/or your events. Have a meeting with Proctor & Gamble executives for example? Your logo will be displayed everywhere and 7,000+/- sqft of executive office space becomes yours along our staff. We’ll give you & your visitors the royal treatment. All you need to do is close that deal Big-Shot.


2. Host events to promote your offerings (Setup and promotional assistance)

No need to ever wonder where to host your next “Open-house”, Industry-specific networking event or product showcase. Not only do you get to reserve the entire floor, but our team can assist with the creation and distribution of your event online. We’ll set up the ticketing, market through our entire network, social channels and if needed, global contacts. We’ll even handle your check-ins and manage the ambience while your patrons are here.


3. Recruit at low costs (We give you extra low rates to accommodate your new employees. We want you to grow… Fast!)

Looking for your 1st hire? OR recruiting a sales team of 4 that don’t fit in your Private office? We don’t want you to worry about 2 big new overhead expenses: Salary and space for your new team members. We effectively use our coworking space as a growth tool to promote rapid expansion of your team. To give you an example, if you already have an office and that new hire does not fit inside, our desks that typically would cost you $399.00, becomes $150/month. This way you can bring on team members and scale to your next suite when needed. Oh yeah, & when that happens, each of your suites drops in price. Companies like KF Beauty (owners of WunderBrow) and Remade in France have taken full advantage of this. KF for example “graduated out” after expanding all the way from 1 to 6 suites before moving unto their own headquarters now located in Doral’s “warehouse district”.


4. Refer and get rewarded

It’s that simple. Tell someone you know to check us out, and get paid after they become members. What can $500 extra do for you!? A second, and even better alternative to this… We can credit a charity you’re passionate about on your behalf so that the impact towards your cause can be greater.


5. Work with us on our acceleration projects

This is unique to our business model. Besides coworking, we provide Softlanding solutions and Concierge services in our workspace. If you’re a service providing company in any area of business (Marketing, accounting, financial service, legal, HR, to name a few…) why not make INCOME from your office? We market your expertise and essentially provide you with clients who are themselves our own projects.


6. Use our accelerator network and concierge (business services on demand)

All our resources aren’t reserved for our Softlanding clients. We can introduce you to any type of professional your company finds itself needing. Not only will they be vetted resources, but you will save hundreds of dollars in the process. Concierge is a service that turns our staff, into your team. Anything you need, you let us know and we jump on the project. From menial administrative tasks to operational assistance and even last minute errands to vendors, customers or providers. Let Starthub provide you with a team member, on demand, at a lower rate than a desk.


7. Set your live receptionist answering with our front management

Having a front-desk receptionist & an intricate phone system for your entire team turn your brand new startup into a serious operation. Need 5 office lines with 3 separate departments & a 24-hour answering service set up? We’ll handle it while you focus on developing your business. By the way, it’ll cost you less than your monthly cell phone bill.


8. Submit your latest news & content for blog posting, newsletter promotion & social sharing

You know you’re onto something great! What’s even better, you accomplished your company’s milestones, landed brand “X” as a client, or closed the biggest deal of your life… We want to know about it. We use our marketing arm and expansive network to amplify your reach to your target audience and potential new clientele. We make sure that when you’re winning, more people take notice.


9. Web development support on demand

Because your office shouldn’t be the only thing that looks good. Within a couple of steps away from your office, you’ll have access to top talent in web development to make sure technical issues are never the culprit of missed opportunities. Whether you wanted to simplify your current website’s layout, change a theme, need help with a landing page, or improve your loading time to better rank on your industry’s keywords online, we’ve got you covered.


10. Ask about our accounting & tax / corporate legal / administrative / immigration INTERNAL support

This leans toward our Concierge Service. A new offering that handles any business need, on demand. Think of it as a project manager that responds to your every inquiry, with access to our network of vetted professionals either a door away or across the continent, we’ll be sure to line you up with dedicated service providers that are the most fitting to whatever situation is at hand.


In conclusion, know that as you reside within our coworking space, we strive to ensure your success. This is done through support, collaboration and an active interest in making our team, part of yours. As we learn more and more about your business, it becomes second nature to provide all of the above. I hope this gives you a better idea as to why your company belongs in Downtown Miami. We’ll keep you posted for the next 10 things we do for our members, this is just the beginning.


To experience the above coworking benefits firsthand, Apply Here.


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