Starting a business is more than risky, but when you are an entrepreneur, it is MORE than a choice too. It’s a NEED to pursue your dream, an utter drive to conquer it, and a lifestyle of many sleepless nights designing new plans of action. To be an entrepreneur you have to have the ultimate fighting spirit, but the countless roadblocks along the way almost make it not worth it. Here are some things to consider, presented by our coworking space and incubators in Miami:

You take a look at your present, the landscape of your future, and you determine that YES you are 100% in this crazy, totally exciting reality that is your PASSION for the long term. One that can shift industries and create yourself a legacy… one that can maybe save lives or help others truly live better, happier lives… One that IS WORTH your ambition, your time, your money and just about everything else you got. You have given birth to an idea that can even create a whole economy of jobs for others, if you do it right.

Here are 3 BIG Roadblocks on the road to startup greatness that you must overcome to truly be great...

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1.Depending on Others to Lead

When you are an entrepreneur, it is all about the team you build around you and your network of resources. You truly can’t survive as on entrepreneur on your own, the pace of the work combined with the weight of the responsibilities is just too much for one person. When you have the right team, and you lead that team correctly, you allow their genius to lead the way in their various directions which all tie back to your overall business goals. Beautiful. But you must not forget to lead as the visionary, to inspire others towards their greatness, to help clarify their paths, and to experiment with what makes the entire structure better. Good entrepreneurship is the consistent improvement of all resources including yourself, so stay humble. Provide the passion projects & the inspired guidance, and your team will lead alongside with you. But at the top is your own dependency on your own greatness and what makes you YOU, and as your shine your inner light and allow others to shine their own too, you will lead inspirationally. And that is sure enough to move those mountains.

Biggest Flaws: Outsourcing too much, Hiring for cheap, Lack of communication, Getting burnt out, Disappearing, Not improving oneself & the system, Making projects “Not Fun”


 coworking space and incubator in Miami

2.Unclear Vision over the Long Term

Yes you have an amazing business idea, or mobile app, or service for the masses. But do you have the grit to endure past your competition towards your greatness over the long term? This means years and years of efforts Mr. or Ms. Entrepreneneur. Do you have that 5, 10 or 20 year vision? Are you in it to succeed no matter what? It is said that the most vital ingredient to the entrepreneur’s big picture is vision. If you cannot “see” your success and the layout or master plan of your business now and over at least the next five years with a super legacy, industry-shifting achievement in 10 years, you probably won’t be able to achieve it. Or, let StartHub’s incubators in Miami guide your long-term trajectory.

Without vision, you are just wasting a lot of time in the interim. Avoid being directionless and without imagination. Having poor vision may be a sign that you are not truly passionate about your idea. If it doesn’t “hunger you”, your chances at success will drop significantly.  If you aren’t already planning the entire universe of your idea in your subconscious during your waking (and sleeping hours), then guess what? Your competitors are. They are loving the idea, with a clear vision and investing the years in it. How about you?

Biggest Flaws: Confusion over your “Marketing Voice”, Wrong or unclear demographic, Living for today not for the next five years, Lack of persistence, Poor creativity & Out-of-the-box thinking, Stagnation, Too many choices and not enough decisions

coworking incubator in Miami

3. Not Maximizing Every Opportunity & Resource (Including Yourself)

StartHub’s incubators in Miami knows sometimes an entrepreneur gets realllly stagnated. You may be wondering, “how come things are NOT moving as fast as I like?” Then you think about it and go after new opportunities, getting even more disorganized and not maximizing new opportunities properly. Why? Because you are missing hidden gems of opportunity right at your feet with some bad habits that are running over all your wonderful chances for scaling! Maybe there are some contacts you forgot to get back in touch with. Meetings you had to reschedule but didn’t. Magazines or blogs you had to finish reading but haven’t. Yes, you have to follow up with that mentor, it’s been SOME TIME but ahhh…he (or she) can wait right?

You get so excited about future contacts, future networking events, etc. that you forget about the ones you actually already did at least 50% of the work for…and that’s poor productivity. So go back first and clear out that gmail account! Declutter the office desk! Go hit the gym and focus on your health, straighten out the calendar and just put everything in your life back in balance. I promise your future opportunities will be even more amazing because of it.

Biggest Flaws: Lacking follow-up and reliability, Losing huge amounts of potential revenue, Being lackadaisical and disorganized, Poor health, Letting your competition bypass you, Credibility breaker, and of course: NOT using StartHub’s incubators in Miami :).


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