4Geeks Academy to Launch at Starthub!

4Geeks Academy is coming to Starthub! We are really excited to enter this company’s new phase to aid in their growth & expansion in tech education in Miami. They intend to be one of the leading programming bootcamps in the US and Latin America by being a reliable source of good talent to companies in need of that expertise. Their focus is on becoming the most obvious choice for people who want to start a new career in programming with the ability to join a part-time curriculum.

4Geeks Academy trains new software developers to thrive within any industry. They position their graduates as high-ranked job candidates who are able to fulfill the needs of their prospective employers. With their immersive course, you can become a skillful web developer with their flexible schedule, in-classroom lessons, coding exercises and group projects. You’ll learn Design Theory, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, API’s, responsive design.

4Geeks Academy Origins

In February 2014, after years of building a developer community, They decided to pursue the idea of establishing a bootcamp. They called it HACK and in October of that year the 1st cohort came and went through their doors. The students were great! They loved the academy. In most of the cases HACK assisted the students in raising their income by more than 60%. As every student began to get hired, some even had to relocate to other countries and jumpstarted their careers as software developers overseas. After 3 cohorts and their experience with HACK, they came to Miami, the epicenter of the Latin American community in the U.S. 

4Geeks Academy Was Born…


Learning from their experience in HACK, they decided to do all of their courses part-time, making the programs more affordable and accessible to everyone. 4Geeks Academy is the result of 6 years experience developing and teaching software throughout their 4 campuses located in Caracas, Maracaibo & now Miami. They boast a robust history of success having graduated upwards of 150 students and being the only academy in Florida to be allied with a higher education institution, Miami-Dade College Interamerican Campus. They believe that the future of education is “part-time”, as it’s the best option to be constantly improving on the skills needed to thrive in these professional fields which evolve faster and faster each day. Learn how to code without quitting your job.

Welcome Home!



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