8 Surprising Things Coworking Shared Office Spaces Can Do For Your Business

Updated May 18, 2021

Most Small Business Owners or Entrepreneurs today know what Coworking Shared Office Spaces are.  Many have even used one.  So it’s pretty common knowledge that for a relatively small amount of dollars (vs. leasing or owning your own office), you can have access to a productive shared space office in no time at all.

However, in 2020, as all business moved into some form of virtual operations, you may have paused going into shared office spaces.  Well, it’s time to start going back!

If you are still just thinking about trying out Coworking Shared Office Spaces or have only just dabbled with using one, then here are some surprising things you ought to know!  These 10 benefits of Coworking Shared Office Spaces may not only surprise you, they are likely to convince you that this is for you.

Pretty Standard Features of Coworking Shared Office Spaces…

Most coworking shared space offices include a choice of private office, shared office, lounge rooms, or meeting rooms for multiple people.  Many also include Coffee, beer-on-tap, conference rooms, multiple wifi networks, events, community and opportunities to network. Some even go a step further and focus on niche markets, such as Fitness/Wellness, technology, Creative, Food, etc.

8 Surprising & Unique Benefits with Starthub Coworking Shared Office Spaces

So, while the above features have become pretty standard in the industry, you can have MORE.  Any why wouldn’t you want more?  More for your money and more for your limited time!

Starthub Coworking Shared Office Spaces will give you something unique that you cannot get elsewhere.  We give you a unique set of services that you may not know about that can truly up-level your business.  These benefits apply to ALL membership levels, from a single entrepreneur, part-time Flexible desk to a Downtown Miami views private suite company team of 8+.  So, let’s get into them!

1. Connection & Motivation

Coworking Shared Office Spaces can help with connections

Most Entrepreneurs and Business owners are self-motivated.  However, even the most motivated people can lose motivation when working alone at home.  An easy way to get motivated is a change of scenery and connection to other people that you can relate to.  Coworking Shared Spaces provide just that!  They provide you a new desk in a new office, sometimes in a new city.  And, there are many other entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you there!  At Starthub,we connect members all together based on their needs and offer monday breakfast for everybody to connect and network

2. Expand Your Team Affordably

Whether your business today includes just you or a few others, there will come a day that you may need to expand your team.  When you start working with a Coworking Shared Space provider, such as Starthub, you can flexibly grow your office space needs.  For example, you can start with a desk in a shared space, move to a private office to seat 2, then expand affordably to a larger office size and/or multiple office suites.  Offices at Starthub are on a flexible rail system, so they can expand or contract based on your team size needs!  Companies like KF Beauty (owners of WunderBrow) have taken full advantage of this. KF for example “graduated out” after expanding all the way from 1 to 6 office suites before moving into their own headquarters now located in Doral’s “warehouse district”.

3. Temporarily Rent Office Space 

Coworking Shared Office Space

Want test out a physical office space to see if it benefits your team?  Or are you building out a new office for your business and need a temporary place for your team to work?  A Coworking Shared Space is perfect for these temporary needs.  Some Coworking Shared Space providers will require a time commitment.  However, Starthub is one of the most flexible providers in that there is no minimum time commitment required.  That means you can try out the office space for 1 month or 1 year (or more!) depending on your specific needs. Candidco is an example of a major startup that raised millions of dollars and used Starthub as a temporary space before entering the Miami market with their own

4. Brand our office under your company (our workspace becomes your workspace)

This means… Total take-over of our entire Starthub facilities, for you, your clients and/or your events. Have a meeting with Proctor & Gamble executives for example? Your logo will be displayed everywhere and 7,000+/- sqft of executive office space becomes yours along our staff. We’ll give you & your visitors the royal treatment. All you need to do is close that deal Big-Shot.

5. Your own Business Mailbox with Services

A virtual mailbox is a digital mail service that provides your business with easy, worry-free mail handling.  With this service, your business has a physical address where your mail is received and processed. It’s then scanned and uploaded to a digital platform where your virtual mailbox is housed. This means you have immediate access to it – no matter where you are. There are a range of services and amenities that come with virtual mailbox packages. Most of these services include forwarding, shredding, and holding packages. They are completely customizable and typically invoiced on an as-needed basis.

6. Get a live receptionist answering your calls

Virtual Receptionist comes with a virtual office and coworking shared office spaces

Having a front-desk receptionist & an intricate phone system for your entire team turn your brand new startup into a serious operation. Need 5 office lines with 3 separate departments & a 24-hour answering service set up? With the rental of shared office spaces, you can get a receptionist to handle it while you focus on developing your business. By the way, it’ll cost you less than your monthly cell phone bill.

7. Submit your latest news & content for blog posting, newsletter promotion & social sharing

You know you’re onto something great! What’s even better, you accomplished your company’s milestones, landed brand “X” as a client, or closed the biggest deal of your life.  We want to know about it!  Our marketing arm and expansive network can amplify your reach to your target audience and potential new clientele. We make sure that when you’re winning, more people take notice.

8. Host events to promote your offerings (Setup and promotional assistance)

No need to ever wonder where to host your next “Open-house”, Industry-specific networking event or product showcase. Not only do you get to reserve the entire floor, but our team can assist with the creation and distribution of your event online. We’ll set up the ticketing, market through our entire network, social channels and if needed, global contacts. We’ll even handle your check-ins and manage the ambience while your patrons are here.

How to find a Coworking Shared Office Spaces?

Hopefully, you see how a Coworking Space can truly up-level your business.  So what next?


At Starthub, we offer comprehensive & FLEXIBLE Coworking & virtual office solutions.  We’ll even give you your first month FREE. Just click here to get started.  You’ll receive a prestigious mailing address in downtown Miami, dedicated mail handling services from a talented team, and an innovative digital platform to receive and direct your mail. Plus, 24/7 customer support.


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