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Expand to Miami and get a Virtual Office, guarantee your success

Launching a startup is never simple, an ever-growing economic and cultural platform is essential to help your business not only to start, but also to become steadily […]

How Virtual Offices are changing world business

In a globalized world like today’s, brands are constantly being launched, some are barely being conceived and a few others are solid names in the market already. […]

Common Mistakes of Starting a New Business Overseas

Deciding to start or expand your business internationally can be a very exciting experience. Expanding into the United States, in particular, is something that could enable a […]

How Miami has quickly established itself as the premier international business hub

There are many different reasons a company would want to consider expanding their business operations into the United States. The American economy is the largest in the […]

Starthub is an organization that can help your business realize its full potential.

Based in Miami, Florida, Starthub’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for international businesses to expand their operations into the United States. Most businesses […]

What can your company achieve by expanding into the United States?

If you run a business of any kind, one thing you need to be constantly thinking about is organic growth. Whether this growth comes from increasing your […]

How can Starthub help you reach your goals in the United States?

Starthub is an organization that was created with a very specific mission in mind: help foreign companies securely establish their presence in the incredibly lucrative United States […]

Panelists from the Power of Partnerships Rock the House

Positive partnerships drive businesses forward. Taking the right steps to establish a new relationship with clear guidelines and expressing how each party will benefit from it at the beginning […]

Does Coworking Work for Lawyers?

Practicing law is serious business! We’re a serious coworking office.   Whether it serves as a long-term solution or a “pop-up” spot for clients, coworking spaces offer […]

How a Realtor Can Grow Their Network, Resources & Business

The number one thing you have to be focused on when working with your real estate clients looking for office space is their satisfaction. Coworking offices like […]