StartHub’s Business Accelerator in Miami answers: What do Accelerators do?

Business accelerator in Miami: how and why they do it

Business accelerators, broadly speaking, help ventures define and build their initial products, identify promising customer segments, and secure resources, including capital and employees.

More specifically, accelerator programs are limited-duration programs—lasting roughly three months—that help cohorts of ventures with the new venture process. They usually provide a small amount of seed capital, plus working space. They also offer a plethora of networking, educational and mentorship opportunities. With both peer ventures and mentors, who might be successful entrepreneurs, program graduates, venture capitalists, angel investors, or even corporate executives, you can be rest assured StartHub’s business accelerator in Miami covers all areas for entrepreneurs seeking rapid growth.
Accelerators certainly bear certain similarities to incubators and angel investors. Like the former, accelerators aim to help nascent ventures during the formation stage. We therefore might expect that many of the activities provided by incubators and angels would also be provided by accelerators. But accelerators differ in several ways. Perhaps the most fundamental difference is the limited duration of accelerator programs compared to the continuous nature of incubators and angel investments.

Accelerators in the United States

Silicon Valley–based Y Combinator launched the first seed accelerator program, in 2005, in Boston, followed closely by TechStars, which was founded the next year in Boulder, Colorado. Growth in U.S.-based accelerators really took off after 2008, as it did for startups, early-stage capital, and venture investment more broadly. The number of U.S.-based accelerators increased by an average of 50% each year between 2008 and 2014.

StartHub has the best business Accelerator in Miami in that it provides the opportunity to launch businesses in the U.S. from all over the world.  The Accelerator Program engages in leveraging a strong global network, consisting of industry experts, investors, and mentors; all dedicated to providing tools and resources for our members in a multitude of industries, regions and verticals.

Accelerators have a positive impact on regional entrepreneurial ecosystems, particularly with regard to the financing environment. Metropolitan areas, such as Miami, where an accelerator is established subsequently have more seed and early-stage entrepreneurial financing activity, which appears not to be restricted to accelerated startups themselves, but spills over to non-accelerated companies as well — occurring primarily from an increase in investors.


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