What can your company achieve by expanding into the United States?

If you run a business of any kind, one thing you need to be constantly thinking about is organic growth. Whether this growth comes from increasing your client base, expanding into other industries, or tapping into new markets, growth is something that is absolutely vital to your business’ long-term success.

As technology has become more advanced and as the world has become increasingly globalized, expanding your business abroad is now more possible—and lucrative—than ever before. With a solid business plan and a firm understanding of international markets, your potential for growth is now seemingly unlimited.

As the largest consumer market in the world, the United States has been continually attracting international investors and businesses looking to expand. Even when compared to other major markets, there are a number of reasons the United States is considered to be among the very best for expanding businesses.

  • With an annual GDP over $18 trillion and a population over 320 million, the potential for growth in the United States is absolutely enormous
  • The United States’ annual GDP per capita is over $57,000—this means the average citizen has a considerable amount of expendable income when compared to other countries
  • The United States has relatively low tariffs, low capital gains taxes, a manageable regulatory environment, and generally low barriers to entry
  • The American Dollar is among the most demanded, traded, and valued currencies in the entire world
  • The American economy is incredibly diverse, open to foreign direct investment, and considered to be quite strong by most economists

No matter what it is your business may be hoping to accomplish, expanding into the United States can almost certainly help you reach your full potential. With international expansion, you can increase your revenue streams, drive down the cost of production, and create organic value for your business.

Additionally, by expanding into the United States, you will gain the ability to take advantage of the world’s foremost capital market. This means that financing, growing, and sustaining your business will become more possible than ever before.

The reasons why you might want to consider expanding into American markets are profound and perhaps even a bit overwhelming. But deciding to expand your business is one thing—the next thing you are going to have to do is create a feasible expansion plan.

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