How can Starthub help you reach your goals in the United States?

Starthub is an organization that was created with a very specific mission in mind: help foreign companies securely establish their presence in the incredibly lucrative United States marketplace.

The United States is the largest consumer marketplace in the world. Since Starthub first became organized, they have helped numerous international businesses realize their full potential by expanding their operations abroad.

Even in the modern age of globalization, it can still be incredibly difficult to expand your business from one corner of the globe to another. Without proper guidance, you are almost sure to be overwhelmed by the legal, economic, and cultural differences that exist between any two countries.

Fortunately, Starthub offers itself as an organization that exists for the sole purpose of helping you overcome these differences. Their vast understanding of both the domestic and international marketplace—along with their extensive resource network—can help you overcome these existing barriers to entry and be ready to succeed.

Starthub’s dynamic business model seeks to offer its clients three unique sources for generating organic value.

  • A physical co-working space that gives your organization a place to get started
  • A comprehensive “ecosystem” that can connect you to over 1,000 different professionals and give you the resources you need to succeed
  • A variety of dynamic and customizable programs that can offer your organization the support and guidance necessary to sustain your success

Each of these three dimensions of the organization are distinct, yet are simultaneously able to create the synergy necessary for your organization to gain the competitive advantage you have been looking for.

Located in beautiful Miami, Florida, Starthub’s physical co-working space functions as the perfect gateway to the United States. Their modern, well-furnished, and multi-functional facility is over 7,000 square feet and seeks to offer expanding businesses the opportunity to have a real place in the United States to call their own.

When expanding into international markets, the importance of having a tangible office cannot be overstated. Not only does having a tangible office give your organization a highly-demanded Miami business address, but it will also offer you a place to conduct business and have access to valuable in-person support. At Starthub, you can have access to a comprehensive workspace that was designed precisely to meet the unique needs of organizations just like yours.

But Starthub still has so much more to offer. Once you are connected with the organization, you will have access to a vast network of professionals that will be able to help you with almost every business need imaginable. Whether you need to have access to a specific type of lawyer, accountant, marketer, or even investors, Starthub’s 1,000 person network has been tested and proven to get you pointed in the right direction.

For as little as $99/month, your rapidly growing business can tap into a vast array of resources you simply cannot find anywhere else. Starthub’s widely praised “concierge” services are able to offer you live assistance that can connect you to whatever it is that you need to expand. Furthermore, these already affordable services can be customized and adapted to satisfy the exact specifications and personality of your unique business.

While the first pillar of the business can help you physically establish yourself and the second pillar can help you become better connected, the third pillar of the business is designed to assure that you have whatever support you need to continue your expansion. Starthub’s experienced and knowledgeable team can offer you the brains and guidance you need to sustain your business. Click here and check out  10 Things You Didn’t Know Our Coworking Could do for You.


Though Starthub’s international praise has come largely from the fact they can offer turnkey operations in the United States, the company has not lost sight of the fact that each of their clients is entirely unique. Whatever it is that your business might need, Starthub can offer a comprehensive solution that will be designed to satisfy both your budget and your preferences.

  • Strategy & Management
  • Office Space & Resources
  • Web Development & SEO (Search Engine Optimized) Content
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Recruitment & Training
  • Administrative & Legal

Starthub will take the time to make sure they understand your business and develop a clear path forward that can help you overcome the many obstacles associated with international expansion. The team utilizes a data-supported and solution-driven approach to problem solving that has been proven to work for an incredibly wide array of companies. In fact, Starthub’s industry-leading analysis has been proven to make the companies they partner with two times (2x) as likely to outperform their competitors.

The possibility of expanding—and thriving—in the United States is one that your organization surely does not want to miss. The United States currently yields a GDP of over $18 trillion and when combined with a population of over 320 million, it is clear that your business has a lot of potential ground to gain.

Additionally, being located in Miami, Florida (the southeast corner of the country) positions your business to simultaneously have access to both European and Latin American markets. The potential for growth is seemingly limitless. But it won’t be realized unless you are able to establish a clear and unwavering path forward.

Starthub is the missing link between where your business is in the status quo and where you want your business to be in the future. It is an organization that creates organic value before, during, and after your expansion into the United States, and this sort of value can be incredibly rare. By carefully analyzing the missing links in your business, developing a customized plan, and providing constant support and resources along the way, Starthub is the proven gateway into the United States you have always been looking for. 

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Starthub is a premier coworking space in Downtown Miami that offers unique local and international business growth solutions. Get 30 days Trial of Virtual Office here

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