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The Best Reasons to Pay for a Coworking Space

There are substantial benefits in paying for a coworking space. First I would say, it’s about being in a nurturing environment that can facilitate your growth as well as having an amazing combination of both PEOPLE and RESOURCES that can allow you to accelerate your business. A coworking space usually has a fantastic combination of both.

Miami Virtual Office Contest

Enter to Win a Miami Virtual Office package for 3 Months! StartHub Miami, one of the Miami’s leading business development and office workspace service providers, is offering a Downtown Miami virtual office package and giving small businesses the chance to win a Miami virtual office package for 3 months.

A company without purpose is a company without Millenials

On Purpose: Can Your Company Answer This One Simple Question? In the Valley, there’s not much love for BigCos — those slow-moving dinosaurs stuck in the Innovator’s Dilemma tarpit. Valley culture celebrates purpose-driven entrepreneurship and world-changing ideas. As I wrote a few weeks ago: More than half of millennials believe they will start their own …

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