5 Reasons Why You Need a Coworking Space in Downtown Miami to Grow Your Business

Maybe you are sick and tired of sitting solo with that grande caramel latte in a “faux desk space” at your local Starbucks. Or spending half a day (or more) at home on your laptop, driving in new business while taking in those ocean views on Biscayne Bay. The days get veeerrry long, and you think maybe “You would enjoy a bit of a commute”, with a mix of people watching and definitely a dash of marvelous face-to-face interaction with another brilliant out-of-the-box thinking social innovator. Coming straight from us at StartHub Miami, are 5 reasons you need to get out the high-rise apt & cafe and into a coworking space in Downtown Miami:

Read below to see how a Coworking Space in Downtown Miami is ideal:

1. Build Up Your Network Fast:

With coworking spaces, you are not in some static environment where you are guaranteed to see Joe at Office #3 until next year’s financial quarterly review. People come and go as their business scales and develops and this is a good thing. New team members come in from every direction, keeping things fresh, you can upgrade from a casual flex desk to your own personal full time desk at your convenience, it’s that easy. With this dynamic ecosystem of meeting new people and hearing about new projects all the time, you will share your 2 cents alongside that business card. You might even find a new co-founder, and you will definitely become inspired, the antidote for entrepreneurial creative stagnation. In this process of discovery, your own business will blossom into new partnerships and directions you didn’t even think of, while staying on the edge of the trends in the local entrepreneurial community. When are you renewing that lease again?

2. Networking Events Come to You:

We get it and know it; life is just too busy for all of us. Too many ideas running through our head about improving our business, too many new people to meet (and follow up on), too many wonderful things to do in Miami (and sometimes things not to do, just to get a break from it all to tan under the sun next to the pool, enticing.) Want a way to make it all easier? Networking events at coworking spaces! The lifeline of a great community is through the participation in happy hours, workshops, speaker series, hackathons; all organized for the happiness of it’s members. No commute, no cover, just you and your team stepping away from that major project for some major morale building.

3. Way More Affordable than Traditional Offices:

Some people like a good traditional office, that’s fine, because we have that too, we call it “private office suites” and they face the courthouse here in Downtown Miami! And we have the cordial front desk support, high speed internet, and mail & phone services you need. Even a virtual office option if all you need is these services, a prime address and stop in with an international client or two in our conference room during your monthly travels. We understand your needs, and that’s why coworking offices are fantastic, because at StartHub, you can pay as low as $99 a month for this convenience up to about $2000 for all-access, exclusive private office for your team with a bustling Downtown Miami view. Every coworking space has their own formula for membership success, but this is our vision for business excellence. Did we mention our month-to-month agreements?

4. Upscale Amenities and Services:

Nothing looks better to a potential client than meeting them outside of a Starbucks, eh? A lot of the reputation for your business comes with the packaging surrounding your brand. Coworking spaces usually have an awesomely modern, spacious, world-expanding feel to them, like you are crossing dimensions of intellectual greatness to be the next Apple. With high-end kitchens, gourmet coffee & tea and lounges for some downtime in between meetings in the conference room, you almost feel like moving in. Don’t worry, you can have 24 hour access you can make visiting your office more than just part time.

5. A home outside the “home”:

That’s the whole point of it all, venturing out of the crowded cafe and into something more exclusive and deserving of your privacy, space and time. When you become a member of a turnkey shared space, you get the community you have been looking for all along in a comfortable setting. Coworking space in Downtown Miami gives you the opportunity to expand your world, connect with global resources, and truly accelerate your business. Maybe you catch your next start up idea, and within the members of the community you can reach out to the right people (or investors) to collaborate with, scaling your business to new heights. Filling up your Linkedin profile will a high caliber of like-minded entrepreneurs also doesn’t hurt.

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