A Coworking Space in Miami Can Help Your Business Post-Covid-19

Businesses in Miami, as well as every city in the US and Globally, have been impacted, some critically, by the Covid-19 pandemic.  The crisis required businesses, many for the first time, to take the plunge into remote working.  While it hasn’t been all smooth sailing, most businesses were surprised to see how well it could work and how productive employees can be outside of the office.  As we move into a new normal and businesses look for ways to reduce costs, there is likely to be a new normal in terms of where and how employees work together.  A Coworking Space in Miami may be your bridge back to life and help your business to thrive once again.

25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021. 

Global Workplace Analytics (GWA), a research and consulting firm that specializes in understanding workplace, workforce, technology, and other trends has launched a Global Work-from-Home Experience Survey to understand the impact of Covid-19.  They estimate that 25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021. .  This means that remote working, smaller offices, and coworking spaces are all likely to play a much larger role in business going forward. 

Coworking Spaces are predicted to play a much larger role for more businesses, small and large.  Here are the new trends as businesses move into a Post-Covid-19 era.

A Coworking Space in Miami Can be a Safety Net for Small Businesses

It’s not just about reducing costs for many small businesses, it’s about finding ways to stay afloat.  The pandemic resulted in not only people working at home, but also less spending across all industries and categories.  Businesses have experienced plummeting sales and profits that have meant they can no longer maintain offices or even employment of their people in some cases.   “As small businesses try to grasp every cost-saving avenue they can, it is likely that they won’t actually open up their own business places because of the immense overheads that come with them.”

For these businesses that find themselves looking to remote and new ways of working and operating to survive, Coworking Spaces can offer a lifeline.  Coworking Spaces allow small businesses to provide office space for employees as needed for a fraction of the cost of leasing their own office.  Businesses can move to Virtual Offices and leverage Coworking Spaces in Miami and other cities as needed to have in person meetings.  Some of the key benefits to doing this are:

  1. You can get a new Physical Business Address with a Virtual Office without leasing a new office building or suite
  2. Reserving a safe coworking desk as needed can help improve productivity for your employees
  3. Private offices or conference rooms are available for other business needs.  Check out the 10 Ways To Use a Coworking Space to Grow Your Business!
  4. You can leverage other services, such as a Virtual Receptionist or Mail Management.

Cost Prevention for Large Businesses

Large businesses may not be feeling the impact as greatly as small businesses.  However, they are nonetheless feeling the squeeze.  Sales are down, profits are down, and cost-cutting measures are in full swing.  In efforts to prevent having to downsize their people, many will look to downsizing other areas of spending.  HIstorically, cost-cutting measures would often start with marketing budgets or other expendable spending budgets.  However, Covid-19 has unveiled a new opportunity to reduce costs: Office Space.  

Because the Pandemic imposed a remote working ‘test’ for all businesses, most have now seen that it can be a viable option.  So one area of spending that larger businesses are looking to for cost-cutting is with large offices.  Working at home has proven to be viable for employees.  Employees in turn are likely to demand more flexible working going forward.  And companies are able to reduce the size of their office buildings.  Instead of private offices, employees can start to use shared desks.  Company office buildings can be downsized and turned into coworking spaces.  They are also likely to look more to existing Coworking Space providers, such as Starthub, to give employees flexible options.

The benefits of Coworking Spaces for large companies surpass cost savings.  Leveraging these spaces can also increase productivity for employees.  Coworking Spaces reduce distractions at home, for instance on days when the kids are home from school.  They also give employees connection and motivation if they start to get into a working-from-home rut.  Be sure to read this article for 8 Other Surprising Benefits of Using a Coworking Space

Meeting Growing Employee Demand for Working at Home

The need for less owned office space and more utilization of coworking spaces doesn’t only come from the Business end.  It is predicted that there will be even more demand after the Covid-19 Pandemic from the Employee end.  Now that employees have had a taste of working at home, they are likely to want more.  Sure, working from home during the Pandemic hasn’t been ideal with home schooling and other major distractions and concerns at play.  However, people are likely to see the benefits for the future in not having a commute and being able to work during hours that are more flexible and convenient.  

The result is that companies are going to need to offer more flexibility and remote working opportunities to obtain and even retain employees.  Again, this is where a Coworking Space Provider can really help.  Companies can give employees access to flexible, on-demand, office space closer to their homes.

Encourage a Culture of Connection with Coworking Spaces

While the flexibility of working remotely is appealing, there are still employees that will (at least initially)  “…choose to get back in the office to maintain work-life separation.”  Being stuck at home during the Pandemic has most people feeling isolated.  They miss the camaraderie associated with being in the office.  And, some will want to feel like they are separating work from home.     

This is where leaning on coworking spaces will be very important for businesses looking to downsize office space.  Giving employees the option to work from home or go into a coworking space where they can see coworkers face to face fosters a culture of connection.  Employees feel like they belong and are connected to the company when they can see each other in person from time to time.  

Coworking Spaces, such as Starthub even offer large conference rooms to hold bigger meetings.  This way the company can create opportunities for employee collaboration and connection.  

Set Your Business Up for Virtual & Coworking Space in Miami with Starthub!

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