Top 3 Organizations for Miami Entrepreneurs

Miami…a great city to cruise over the Venetian Causeway, past the cruise ship capital of the world…have fresh ceviche on Ocean Drive in South Beach…and start a business?

Well, yes… that is what the Miami Herald article Miami No. 2 in startup activity, Kauffman report says states, and we at StartHub Miami couldn’t agree more! Now before you plan out that “work/life balance” so you can manage some pool (or beach) time away from the Mac, read about 3 must-know entrepreneur supporters of our Downtown Miami Incubator and let us help you connect with them:

Here are our picks for top Downtown Miami Incubator resources:


1.  Knight Foundation

What better organization for supporting innovative media initiatives, community development, journalistic scholarship and the arts like the Knight Foundation? An incredible history running over the last several decades, the Knight Foundation began in 1940 with the creation of the The Knight Memorial Educational Fund by the two sons of newspaper magnate Charles Landon Knight. Since then, the foundation has expanded their influence in vibrant communities across 26 cities and worldwide.

Why it Works:  Their reach, reputation and enthusiasm for fresh new ideas makes working with them a great springboard for startups, rapidly growing companies and established businesses. Apply for their grants and submit to their contests! Visit the Knight Foundation for their list of opportunities like the Knight Enterprise Fund, the Knight Prototype Fund, the Knight News Challenge, The Knight Art Challenge and many  more.

“Thus we seek to bestir the people into an awareness of their own condition, provide inspiration for their thoughts and rouse them to pursue their true interests.” — John S. Knight, April 1969

 2.  EDC

Enterprise Development Corp is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that helps over 300+ local businesses each year reach their goals by connecting entrepreneurs, investors and potential partners. Through their work supporting startups with advisory & support services over the last 20+ years, they have driven $300 million into the local Florida economy! Sponsored by organizations including the Knight Foundation, Citrix, FIU and more, EDC brings programs in business incubation, mentoring, and capital introductions so startups can swiftly build new paths to higher levels of revenue.

Why it Works: What entrepreneur doesn’t want to connect with influential mentors? Michael Byrne, Chairman of  the EDC South Florida Board and CEO of Emphasys Software leads the pack that runs the scope of marketing, sales, corporate law, technology, media and finance.

Sign up to join them or Become a Mentor.  Looking for their reach regarding resources for business growth? Click here for their expanded list that includes coworking spaces, Downtown Miami incubator listings and tech/professional groups & meetings.

“As a clearinghouse for entrepreneurial activity, Enterprise Development Corporation of South Florida engages with local business leaders, investors, colleges and universities, government entities, and other public and private groups that share a commitment to Florida’s economic vitality.”EDC

3.  Florida’s SBDC

Talk about an organization focused on providing high quality and low/no-cost resources to local emerging entrepreneurs!  With a vast array of business consulting services in the areas of “Strategic Market Research, Business and Strategic Plan Development, Market/Revenue Growth Strategy Development and Implementation, Capital Access and Loan Packaging” and much more, SBDC has positively influenced the landscape of thousands of Florida businesses since 1976. They also hold expertise in several areas including “Global Trade, Government Contracting and Growth Acceleration.”

Supporting all levels of business both locally and internationally, SBDC is available through the whole life cycle of an entrepreneur’s business aims, and to us at StartHub Miami, that sounds truly engaging.

Why it Works: With 40 office locations in Florida alone, the Miami entrepreneur will find it very easy to attend any of their many training and workshops to enhance their network & business knowledge on their select area of need. Check out SBDC’s Training page for a list of local workshops, download their Concept Plan Sheet and sign up for an intro consultation on your new business idea after you complete a start up workshop.                                         

“Whether you are starting your first business or you are an experienced entrepreneur, the SBDC is a valuable resource. We would not have been as successful, as quickly as we did, had it not been for the help and support of their staff. We’re grateful for their help in compiling and submitting our BP claim, providing us with an outline for starting our new business, and great advice on good startup business practices.”- Robert Chism, Co-Owner, SUP Dog                                                                         

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Stay tuned for part 2 of this article; “5 More Top Organizations for the Miami Entrepreneur and Why They Work”




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