One Address for All Your Personal Needs

 No more switching your address as your a moving to a new home. Keep a centralized address to receive all your mail & packages and never miss any important deliveries again.

Virtual office for individuals

Virtual Rooms

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Virtual office for individuals

Dedicated Mailbox

Online Business Directories

Virtual Address VS PO Box

You are looking for a PO Box and just heard about Virtual Addresses and wonder what is the difference between them. Our Virtual Address was created to allow you to do everything that a PO Box does not allow you to do.

You can use a PO mailbox as your mailing address, but it cannot be legally used as your physical address. You cannot use a PO Box as your driver’s license address, credit card billing address, or any other personal identification information

Receive your mail here at your business address have it forwarded to you at any address you prefer. You’ll receive notifications of its arrival with a choice to scan, deliver, or shred it.

Receive your mail here at your business address have it forwarded to you at any address you prefer. You’ll receive notifications of its arrival with a choice to scan, deliver, or shred it. All of that can be done from our Virtual Mailbox portal which you can access 24/7 from anywhere.

Things You Will Get Better At With Your Virtual Address

Shop Online

Shop on any U.S. website and have your package delivered at your Starthub's address without paying international fees and custom taxes.

Open Bank Account

Banks usually ask for a real U.S. based address to open an account. We can also provide a proof of address and utility bills if needed.

Register Companies

Don't register new companies under your home address and protect your privacy. Invest now and build a professional image for your new business ventures.

Stay Organized

No more mail loss and stacks of paper on the kitchen counter. Keep all your mail saved digitally and access them instantly, from anywhere.

Protect Your Privacy

Don't use your personal address on any website or any forms. Use our address to protect your personal home address and your name.

Receive & Deposit Checks

Receive checks and ask our team to deposit them for you. The process is secured, instant and funds will be directly available in your bank account.

Ship/Forward Mail Instantly

Forward any of your important mail over to any address in the U.S. or internationally. You decide whether you need it physically or keep it stored digitally.

Return Purchases

Effortlessly return your unwanted purchase by delegating the task to our shipping experts. We'll provide you with a confirmation and tracking status.

Activate Your New Address Today

Dedicated Mailbox

Virtual office for individuals

Full Refund

Helping Your Run Your Home-Business Smoothly.

We get it, it’s hard for home businesses to be taken seriously no matter how professional you are. Your clients and prospects want to know they can trust you and that their trust is in the right hands. Even though some businesses were made in garage, you’ll still want to incorporate with a professional image and run it looking and sounding like the “big guys”.

With over a decade of experience helping out entrepreneurs like yours, we have put together affordable and efficient virtual office solutions to strengthen the foundation of your remote business. Incorporate, apply for bank account & credit cards, centralize your mail, have trained receptionists to answer your calls under your name, and access our premium office and meeting room when you need it.

Notarize Your 1583 Form easily

From a commercial address and check depositing to package forwarding and more, you’ll discover the effortless way to stay on top of your mail

Do It Yourself

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 Fill out the form

Notarize it

Submit the document to our team

Virtual Notarization Service

Instantly Notarize online

Validate Your ID using your cellphone camera

Complete within 10-15 minutes

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