Why Freelancers & Consultants Need Coworking Shared Spaces


Updated March 29, 2021

Did you know that Coworking or Shared Space can up-level your business to a place you never imagined?  As a freelancer or consultant, you’re doing things on your terms.  You have broken free and created your own brand.  That’s huge!  You may have worked for large corporations for years to hone your expertise, but you felt trapped or stuck or capped off.  Sound familiar?  So, you created your own business.  You are an entrepreneur, a creator, a leader!  You now have the autonomy you were seeking and the authority to make all decisions.

But, ask yourself this question: Are you starting to feel like you need more structure, connection with peers, and accountability?  Maybe after a year of more at-home working than anticipated, you are longing for an part-time office?  YES!  THIS IS NORMAL!

Shared Spaces for Connection & Accountability

We need connection and accountability.  It makes your business more formal, more credible.  You need a Coworking Shared Space!  Ok, stay with me….Can you relate?

  • You work from home and get distracted…laundry, dishes, dust, sofa, tv
  • It’s difficult to prioritize the mundane tasks (accounting, calendars, emails, etc.)
  • Feeling like you’re in a rut?  Maybe you need inspiration from other entrepreneurs.
  • Finding yourself still working in your pajamas at 2pm?
  • You are constantly in execution mode, not strategy and growth

A coworking Shared Space is the solution to all of these challenges.  It’s on your terms, based on your needs, and how little or much you need it.  

A Shared Space Sets You Up for Efficiency

Although it may seem tempting to work in sweatpants and a favorite comfy sweater, this could actually be hindering your productivity. Set yourself up for maximum efficiency and success by treating your home office just like you would act in your office. Dressing up for the office gets your mind in a “working” mindset. You will be more likely to stay focused and productive this way and avoid the midday lull.

You also want to make sure that your work life remains separate from your home life. This includes creating a separate workspace (not just an area on the kitchen counter) that is free from distractions. Even though you get to choose when you are working, you should remind yourself that these are your actual office hours, and any home errands, like bills or grocery lists, should not fall on your desk.

Working remotely means that you manage your own time, which can either increase your productivity or backfire completely. Analyze when you’re most productive, and make an actual to-do list for each day. Procrastination begins when you have nothing to do, so making sure that you are on a schedule will help you avoid the trap. This also should include setting an actual lunch break and an end time to your workday. It is important to maintain a healthy work-life balance- getting too caught up with work can flow into your home life and create other issues.

POD: Prioritize.  Outsource.  Delegate.  

You may have heard of POD as the acronym for Point of Difference.  Point of Difference if critical for standing out to your customers.  But, how can you stand out when you are trying to do everything yourself?  That’s where another way to look at POD comes in…prioritizing, outsourcing, and delegating. 

Coworking or shared spaces can greatly help you to do this.  First, you need to PRIORITIZE your to do list.  What are the tasks that you must do and what are the tasks that could be outsourced?  Here are some of the resources that that a Coworking Space can offer:

  • Mail Management
  • Phone Service
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Business Concierge

By OUTSOURCING these tasks, your time can be opened up to focus on what can truly drive growth for your business and deliver excellence to your customers.

Finally, on-going DELEGATING means continually evaluating your projects and tasks to see what can be delegated.  A Coworking space can help you to network with others that can help you with various activities that you may not have expertise in.

Check out some other ways to outsource and delegate in this article: Most Home Businesses Fail if They Don’t Follow These Tips.

Use a Virtual Office for Hassle-Free Operations

In addition to the above, Coworking Spaces, such as Starhub also offer Virtual Office services.  Your business won’t look like it is home based with the right tools. With a Virtual Office, you can do much more:

– Create business cards with a Premium Business Address
– Set up a business phone number with extensions to be accessible to your clients
– Have your full business details listed on a contact page on your website
Register your business on Google My Business and other directories

Network Smarter

As mentioned earlier in reference to delegating, networking is critical for small businesses.  Most people tend to feel fairly isolated when removed from the water-cooler chats that they are used to from their office, but working from home gives you the opportunity to network smarter. Websites like meetup.com or Entrepreneur’s Organization are available to connect you with thousands of like-minded individuals that also left the comfort of their office to start their own business, whether it be in person or online. These networking communities can offer support forums, educational resources, and valuable business connections. Some of these networks offer monthly meetings so you can get out of your home and meet with other business professionals. With a virtual office, you can also gain access to a conference room at a reduced rate, so your business can feel just as professional as a physical one.

It is significantly different to go from being an employee for a company to running a solo venture from home. Follow these tips if you’re ready to run your business operations more efficiently and support the success of your home-based business. With a winning attitude and strategic business planning, your work is sure to take off and will never limit your abilities.

How to find a Coworking Shared Space?

Hopefully, you see how a Coworking Space can truly up-level your business.  So what next?


At Starthub, we offer comprehensive & FLEXIBLE Coworking & virtual office solutions.  We’ll even give you your first month FREE. Just click here to get started.  You’ll receive a prestigious mailing address in downtown Miami, dedicated mail handling services from a talented team, and an innovative digital platform to receive and direct your mail. Plus, 24/7 customer support.

Looking for others ways to up-level your business?

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