Hedge Fund Leaders Join Forces In Miami

Top Wall Street Service Providers Join Hedge Fund Hotel™ in Miami, Florida.

MIAMI, FLORIDA–(Mar 14, 2015)Hedge Fund Hotel™, a new concept to the financial industry, has launched in Miami as part of a new wave of funds expanding & relocating to South Florida. The platform allows fund managers to focus on developing and growing their business, while the service providers offer all other critical support services. Prominent hedge fund leaders, including Sadis & Goldberg, Trident Fund Services and Castle Hill Capital among many other leading firms have joined the platform to offer their services that include everything from:

– Legal & Compliance (Sadis &Goldberg)
– Fund Administration (Trident Fund Services)
– Capital Introduction (Castle Hill Capital)
– Accounting (Marcum LLP)
– Planning & Marketing (Peregrine Communications)
– Clearing & Execution (eRoom Securities, rcm Alternatives)
– Modern Office Suites w/ IT support (StartHub)
– Governance & Regulatory (MapleFS)
– Lifestyle Events & Concierge Services

The platform operates out of StartHub Miami, a business development incubator that is dedicated to the financial services industry:

“We are extremely proud to partner with an elite group of Wall Street service providers and continue to support the City of Miami in growing the financial ecosystem. As a gateway to South America and a bridge to our European partners, StartHub believes in the future of Miami as an epicenter of global financial resources.”  -Oren Klein, Managing Member of Hedge Fund Hotel™

In addition to assembling an entire team around the fund manager, the program includes exclusive events and conferences for members, not to mention VIP concierge services that offers everything from personal shoppers, access at Miami’s best venues, wellness services, travel, special event planning and much more.

For more information, please visit http://www.hedgefundhotel.miami/

David Bensoussan
[email protected]


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