How Coworking Spaces Help Businesses

In the large gap between a traditional office and a virtual one, there is a bridge: coworking spaces.  A coworking space is a shared office among professionals who don’t work for the same company. Coworking is a great middle-ground between the old ways and the new.  They offer physical working spaces for businesses/individuals who don’t need a full office but don’t want to work remotely full-time.

There are various reasons that a true virtual office may not be the perfect solution for your business.  Some businesses need a dedicated office space to conduct their operations.  Some prefer an open space coworking desk to minimize the distractions and isolation that can come from working at home.  And for some, the leap into a fully virtual office can seem intimidating, especially if you aren’t experienced with working remotely. It’s for these types of businesses that coworking spaces and offices were developed.  They offer a great compromise for entrepreneurs to save money in flexible workspaces without setting up shop in their homes. Here’s how:

They Cut Costs

The rent for a co-working space is often substantially lower than for a full office.  Furthermore, you’re not left holding the bag for utilities, administrative fees, or property taxes. They even save on some costs when compared to a home office! Can you say free wi-fi?

Whether you choose to rent a private office or a single desk, you’ll only pay for the space that you actually use. Additionally, having a set fee as opposed to fluctuating bills can allow you to more accurately budget your expenses.  You can then allocate those savings to the right department for maximum growth. Cha-Ching!

They Boost Your Image

Let’s discuss the elephant in the office: a poor working space can be detrimental to client conversions. First impressions matter.  An office that is out-of-date, poorly constructed, or inadequate for your needs can make your business look unprofitable and inexperienced. But high-end offices – especially in large metropolitan areas – are extremely costly (often impossible for small or startup businesses) and highly competitive.

With a co-working office, you get access to amazing office spaces with ease and at a fraction of the cost. At Starthub, we pride ourselves on offering a co-working space that is luxurious, professional, and fully-equipped, and we guarantee that it will boost your business image and instill trust in your customers (without breaking the bank). It’s also right in downtown Miami, Florida, where culture and growth have collided to create the best atmosphere in the country for a growing business. Don’t believe us? Check out the stats.

They Promote Collaboration

One of the biggest benefits of a co-working space is the opportunity to work alongside like-minded individuals. Co-working offices operate as a community in which ideas and resources are pooled and shared across a variety of businesses; this provides access to individuals with unique talents and differing perspectives that can encourage and expand your business goals. As a bonus, they provide a great forum for professional networking and building client relationships.

They Provide Extras

Most co-working providers understand that a desk and a chair do not a great office make. That’s why many provide extra amenities such as meeting and event spaces, break rooms (with free coffee!), and convenient parking. Some spaces even offer collaborative lunches or regular guest speakers for members. In short, get all of the perks of a physical office without the costs. It’s the best of both worlds!


At Starthub, our co-working offices offer 24/7 access, state of the art conference rooms without booking limits, unlimited coffee, and worry-free printing. Don’t stress about making costly printing mistakes; let us supply the paper while you supply the brilliant ideas.


So, if you want all of the benefits of a flexible working space without giving up your physical office, a co-working office may be the right solution. They are a great combination of modern business thinking and traditional values and they can save you money, boost your company image, foster new relationships, and fuel your caffeine addiction. If you want a professional, flexible, and affordable co-working space in Downtown Miami, contact us at Starthub to get started for as low as $25 per month. But hurry – our amazing co-working office is at 90% capacity, so contact us today!

Freelancers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and even global corporations have all made the switch to co-working offices to maximize their profits and expand their businesses. The only question left is, why haven’t you?


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