How Does Starthub’s Soft Landing Work?

Ever wonder: how does Starthub’s Soft Landing work? Starthub’s Soft Landing is a comprehensive program that encompasses all aspects of a US launch. There are 3 phases of the Soft Landing process. Together, our program will help you expand in the US market and realize your goals in a seamless, cost-effective manner.


PHASE 1: Company and Market Audit


Phase 1 lays the groundwork for your launch into the US market. We start the program with an initial audit of your existing business and model. This audit will allow us to determine best practices and realistic goals for your subsidiary.


We will also begin identifying your ideal target market during this phase, monitoring reactions and impressions so that we can quickly eliminate non-interested markets. The goal here is to optimize our marketing efforts. In this way, we save your business time and money, while increasing the chances for success.


Additionally, corporate legal services are included in the soft landing program. Our legal department has over 20 years of combined experience. From your first day as a member of the Starthub ecosystem, you will be able to access our legal team. They are prepared to help you with anything from visa processing to business registration.


By the end of Phase 1, we will have created a business profile of your company, a detailed roadmap, and timeline for success for your company’s US subsidiary.


PHASE 2: Team Configuration + Product/Market Fit


Our goal in Phase 2 is to introduce your product to the US market and optimize your operations. In this phase, we set up your physical office in our executive coworking space in the heart of Downtown Miami. 


Once your company arrives in the United States, we will introduce you to as many relevant players in the US market as possible. We will determine potential partners and product positioning. We will also begin to structure the elements needed for strategic partnerships moving forward.


Another part of Phase 2 is to build your US team. We will define the team that will work on growing your US venture with you. This can be a combination of your existing team, contractors, and on-demand experts. In this way, we will have the ultimate flexibility and control over our budget and execution.


Additionally, we will help your brand build a presence. We identify the most appropriate trade shows, exhibitions, and/or conferences, and prepare for them accordingly.


At the end of Phase 2, you will have operations set to start in the US, physical office spaces, and a strategically-designed team to carry out the US operations of your company.


PHASE 3: Accelerated Growth


The final phase of soft landing is to accelerate the growth of your US subsidiary. Phases 1 and 2 will have set the stage for this growth. Thus, in Phase 3 you can track your growth with our reports.


This phase involves the execution of our plan and moving forward with revenue generation for your US subsidiary. Our results-oriented methodology allows us to scale your presence in the US quickly and efficiently.


In Phase 3, we will focus on the sales process, placing your products in the right environments and providing you with access to internal reporting dashboards.


To conclude, the Starthub Soft Landing Program involves a process that is tried and true. We have developed our methodology based on our experience launching companies into the US market. We take pride in helping companies with every aspect of their launch.


If you are an overseas company looking to launch into the US market, click here to learn more about our soft landing program. Or, click here to apply for our soft landing program.



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