How to Succeed as a Consultant with a Virtual Office

Being a consultant in the past meant you likely fit a mold.  That mold started with you spending years in school getting your MBA.  Then you likely worked for a very large firm, traveling 4 days a week, every week.   Today; however, consulting takes on a whole new look.  Consultants today are more and more, entrepreneurs with unique expertise.  There are more consultants that specialize in a particular niche.  And they no longer have to travel 90% of the year as they can work remotely. If you’re looking for how to succeed as a consultant, a Virtual Office is the perfect fit!

How to Succeed as a Consultant

Just about anyone can start a consulting business today.  But not everyone will be successful.  In fact, you may even be an expert in the field, but you could be terribly unsuccessful as a consultant.  In an article from, there are 5 key strategies for starting and running a successful Consulting Business.  

  1. Identify and understand your zone of genius – your expertise to offer others.  This is ultimately your value proposition.
  2. Identify your Target Market – the potential customer that you will target to bring on as a client
  3. Determine your business location and workload outsourcing strategy
  4. Create a sound financial and pricing model
  5. Develop a robust Marketing Strategy

You may have a unique and compelling expertise to offer, but that’s not enough to win in the consulting game.   This is where a Virtual Office can help you with the strategies to set you up for success!

More and more, Consultants are starting businesses out of their homes, but also leveraging a Virtual office.  It combines the physical aspects of a real office address with many more benefits of working remotely.  A virtual office is a low-risk, low-investment way to legitimize and help grow your consulting business.  It gives you a professional physical business address.  This add can be used to start your business, receive your mail, and publish on any and all business communication.  In addition to a physical office address, a virtual office can provide you with other key benefits.  Let’s look at how to succeed as a consultant with a virtual office.

Win them over!  Credibility is How to Succeed as a Consultant

When it comes to hiring a consultant, it’s high stakes for any business.  They are hiring someone to come in to dissect their business or direct their future.  This means putting their faith and trust in that consultant.  But first before trust, comes reputation and credibility.  They say that your reputation precedes you and that first impressions matter most.  This couldn’t be more true than with consultants.

Professional Address

When you use a Virtual Office for your Consulting Business, your potential clients see a professional address.  They do not see a residential address that could be perceived as being amatuer or unprofessional.  While a professional address will not convince them to hire you, a home address could very well deter them.

Receptionist to Answer Existing & Potential Client Calls

Imagine that your dream client finally returns your many calls.  You answer the phone and start the conversation that could be one of the most important of your career.  Then your kids start screaming in the background.  Ahhhhh!

Or worse, you miss the call all together and your voicemail is full!

Don’t miss or jeopardize these important calls!

 A Virtual Office can give your business a dedicated phone line with a professional receptionist.  A Virtual Office can provide you with a Virtual Receptionist.  A virtual receptionist is a LIVE person, not a recording.  And they are trained to answer under your name and to present your services. Once a caller is on the line, your Receptionist will try to reach you.  Or transfer the call or take down a message and send you all the details.

Find Clients through Networking & Referrals

One of the benefits of a Virtual Office is that you can use their physical co-working office space.  In doing so, you have the opportunity to work alongside like-minded individuals. Co-working offices operate as a community in which ideas and resources are pooled and shared across a variety of businesses; this provides access to individuals with unique talents and differing perspectives that can encourage and expand your business goals. As a bonus, they provide a great forum for professional networking and building client relationships.

Client referrals are often a big part of how to succeed as a consultant.  A Virtual Office offers an immense network of companies.  These are both service that could refer you to their clients, as well as potential clients.  

The Real Deal!  Professional Meetings & Presentations

Consulting is all about convincing clients that you are the expert and to adopt your recommendations for their business.  Then everything must be carried out with the utmost professionalism.  Therefore, when you meet with clients, there cannot be distractions and the environment needs to be private and professional.  You would never want to present your analysis of their business in a noisy, public, and inappropriate environment.  The local coffee shop is not how to succeed as a consultant.

Clients expect to come to your business office.  They expect to be personally welcomed by professionally trained receptionists.  Clients want to meet in a professional conference room where they are the center of your attention.

Many Consultants today are a one-man/woman-show and they often work primarily out of their home.  When you have a Virtual Law Office, you have access to professional office space on demand.  You can choose from private offices or conference rooms.  You can meet with your individual clients or business teams as needed.  Your clients will be personally welcomed by professionally trained receptionists.  You can meet with your clients in the private and professional setting you require.

Finally, a Virtual Office conference room is idea for client presentation preparation.  Don’t rely on your client’s offices where you have 5 minute to set up.  Use your own conference room to prepare and test the presentation, order refreshments, etc.

Set Yourself Up for Success!  It’s How to Succeed as a Consultant

Setting yourself up for success from day one.  A Virtual Office is part of how you succeed as a consultant!  Your Expertise is critical, but so is appearance and first impression.  A professional business address and receptionist can make all the difference. Networking is EVERYTHING for a consultant.  A virtual office can give you access to many other service companies and potential clients in the network.  Finally, maintain that great first impression at every meeting with virtual office meeting rooms and offices. 

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