Impact, Growth & Business Strategy

Megan has “hacked” the growth of international brands, allowing them to grow their market at an exponential pace, as well as run her own gourmet trade consultancy. She likes to drive innovation through strategic engagement and leadership. An entrepreneur and strategist with a passion for building communities around concepts and ideas that will change the world. Before deciding to help other entrepreneurs make an impact, she spent several years working on growing a national non-profit health community, as well as devising strategies for many innovative startups in the US and Latin America. Prior to collaborating with StartHub, Megan worked with Rokk3r Labs, a company cobuilder in Miami, where she created the strategy for over 20 companies from around the world.

We’ve partnered-up with Megan to propel our main focus, to accelerate incoming international businesses with a revolutionary new angle. This will simultaneously aid enterprise companies and “grassroots” Miami entrepreneurs. Just you wait and see what we’ll unveil….

Be sure to swing by http://meganconyers.com to keep up with this amazingly active innovator as she helps us transform our ecosystem for the better.



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