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The year, 2020, is coming close to the end and it’s a year that can only described as a crazy.  At the end of any given year, business owners look over the year at what worked and what didn’t.  They look for ways they can improve their business – ways to run it more efficiently.  Likely, 2020 has given you an entirely new perspective on your business, one that includes more virtual and remote opportunities.  So, before you get out your magnifying glass and start examining the details, read on.  See how virtual business services can help you to streamline activities, reduce costs, or eliminate complexity.

A Virtual Office can help you with all of these!  Starting a Virtual Office is a one-stop-shop for leveraging virtual business services that can save you time, cost, and complexity. Let’s dig into how.

A Virtual Office vs. Physical Office

A Virtual Office gives you with the flexibility of working remote, while still providing many of the benefits of a physical office.  One of the most critical benefits is of course, a business address, which we will cover next. But it’s not just a street address; virtual offices offer a range of services to help your business run efficiently from wherever you are!  We will cover each of these services in this article.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce overhead costs, a a Virtual Office is a lucrative solution.  Leasing costs, utilities, maintenance, cleaning, management, and professional costs are very steep for a physical office.  However, for a low monthly rate, you get a Virtual Office with many services you get in a physical space.

Finally, with a virtual office, you can quickly reduce complexity within your business.  You no longer have the workflow associated with managing a physical office.  For example, an office manager, cleaning service, maintenance, utilities, office supplies, and more!

Virtual Address

Let’s talk more about the address that you get with a Virtual Office.  It’s important to understand that this is not a PO Box address.  This is a physical office address in prestigious business location.  A premium city address can add credibility to your business.  Potential customers will have a better first impression with a physical office address vs. a PO box or residential address.  This premium address can be use for any mail, legal, promotion, marketing, or other purposes.

A Virtual office can reduce risk vs. using a home address.  If you have a home-based business, using your home address can also expose you to personal risk.  A Virtual Office address mitigates this risk by separating your business from your personal life.

Finally, Virtual offices allow easier expansion to new addresses!  You can test out new cities, states, and even countries by opening virtual offices there before investing in physical locations there.

Mailbox & Mailing Services

One could argue that there is likely nothing more inefficient than sending a letter v.s. an email.  However, traditional mail is still necessary for sending certain signed documents, contracts, invoices, or payments.

And of course, packages.  We have not yet invented a way to digitally send a package.  So for now, and the foreseeable future, every business needs a physical address to receive packages.

Many Virtual Office providers, such as Starhub, offer mailbox and mail services to take the sorting, mailing, scanning, and prioritizing pressure off of you!  Never again do you have to miss an important letter or package!

Of all of the virtual business services available to you, mail services are sometimes overlooked.  However, these services can save you huge time and cost!  With this help, your precious time is no longer spent on mail.  Instead, it can be spent on driving growth for your business.

Phone & Receptionist Virtual Business Services

One of the most beneficial features of a Virtual Office is that it can give you phone services.  Rather than a generic 1-800 phone number, you can select a phone number with an area code in city you want.  That phone number is your businesses number and can be listed anywhere you advertise your business.

Answering phone calls can take hours of your time. Not answering calls could mean missing that one huge opportunity.  A Virtual Office can provide you a Virtual, but Live Receptionist.

A virtual receptionist is a live person that sits in a different location to answer your calls. They are live humans that care and can interact. A virtual receptionist is a live person, not an automated or recorded voice.  And they are able answer your calls, transfer them to you, or take a message on your behalf. This live receptionist will handle customer calls with professionalism and responsiveness. They can forward high priority calls or take messages. You get an online inbox with messages that you can review and prioritize.

The result?  You save your time and time is money!  You never miss a call and you can call back those clients or potential clients that are most important.  Read more about how a Virtual Receptionist can help your business.

Get Your Virtual Business Services started now!

At Starthub, we offer flexible and comprehensive virtual office packages – and they start at just $25/month! We’ll even give you your first month FREE. Just click here to get started.  You’ll receive a prestigious mailing address in downtown Miami, dedicated mail handling services from a talented team, and an innovative digital platform to receive and direct your mail. Plus, 24/7 customer support. For more information on why Starthub is the best choice for your virtual office, click here.


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