Increase Productivity With A Shared Office Space

How to increase productivity is a question that is on the mind of business entrepreneurs around the globe. The issue of increasing productivity without increasing your expenses is one of the most discussed problems in the business world, especially for small or startup businesses. Unfortunately, using a shared office space is not commonly suggested as a solution – but it should be.


What if I told you there’s an easy way to increase productivity without increasing your expenses – maybe even decreasing them?


It’s not a pipe dream. It’s completely possible with a shared office space.


Coworking spaces are the new trend in efficient business models. It is a shared office area that is available to businesses who want to decrease their expenses by minimizing their overhead costs. With a coworking space, you pay a small monthly rental fee to have access to a working space that is shared with other members. It acts just like a permanent office – without all of the time and money that comes with it.

But a shared office space doesn’t just help you financially – they can also increase your productivity and get you on the path to better business decisions (and bigger profits!). Here are a few ways that using a coworking space can help increase your business productivity:

Minimize Distractions

It can be difficult to focus on your business while working virtually, especially if you are working from your home and do not have a designated and separate office area. There are so many avenues for distractions at home: the presence of family members and pets, backlogged chores or repairs, and the easy access to television and other devices are just a few examples.

But working in a shared office space can increase your productivity by providing you with a designated working area that is quiet, structured, and free from life’s distractions. 

Additionally, studies show that the process of getting dressed, commuting to an office, and working in a structured environment increases productivity and allows for better business decisions. Being surrounded by the energy of others working as opposed to the drone of your T.V. will help you focus on your business rather than what’s on Maury today. 


Exchange Ideas With Like-Minded Individuals

One way that a coworking space can increase your productivity is that it allows you to collaborate with like-minded individuals. Working remotely keeps you isolated from people in your industry who can offer advice and resources to help your business thrive. While just about any information can be found via the internet, digital research cannot replace the benefits of face-to-face interaction.

In a shared office space, you’ll be immersed in an environment with other businesspeople that fosters creative collaboration and business innovation. Hearing the challenges and successes of your fellow businesses can stimulate your own business growth and help you anticipate problems of your own! 

In fact, a study conducted by Small Business Labs shows that 80% of coworking members report turning to their fellow coworkers for business guidance. That’s a large majority of business owners who are taking advantage of a coworking space to fuel their business decisions and gain new insights in their industry. 


How Can A Virtual Office Help Your Small Business?


Sharing an office space not only promotes collaboration, but it also provides you with a great platform for business networking. Local connections are important to a business’s success, and they can be hard to form when you work virtually. But coworking spaces provide a community in which you can find potential clients, form business connections, and access local resources.

Remember that study we referenced by Small Business Labs? It showed that 82% of coworking members report substantial growth in their business networks through office sharing. Productivity cannot be achieved without steady business growth, and a strong network is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your business remains relevant and prosperous. 


Access To Meeting Spaces On Demand

If your virtual business requires the occasional client meeting, a coworking space is the perfect tool. Finding and renting a meeting space each time you need one can be time-consuming and expensive – especially if your meeting is last minute. But with a coworking space, you’ll often have access to impressive meeting spaces in your office that you can use whenever you need them. You’ll save time and headache on the front-end and allow yourself more time to prepare to WOW your clients instead of worrying about where you’ll meet them. 


Save Time And Money (yay!)

Owning a designated office space is time-consuming and expensive. There are countless hours spent in the set-up of a permanent office: you’ll have to find a space, negotiate a contract, furnish the office, and set up your monthly utilities. Not only will this take a lot of time, but it will be extremely expensive. 

Maintaining a permanent office is the same way. You’ll need to have it cleaned regularly, pay monthly and yearly bills, maintain insurance, and prepare for various other unforeseeable expenses. The time and overhead costs associated with permanent office spaces can be the detriment of a small or startup business. But a shared office space solves all of these problems!

With a coworking space, you pay a single monthly fee for the services and space that you will actually use. This increases your productivity from a financial standpoint because it decreases your expenses and allows you to budget your money more efficiently, using your savings to fund more productive departments. It also gives you more time to be productive, as it saves you the hours you would spend obtaining and maintaining a permanent office space.


How Can Starthub Help?


If your business is located in Miami, Starthub Centers is the perfect solution for your coworking needs. Here’s what Starthub can offer your business:


  • Location, location, location! Our state-of-the-art facility is located right in downtown Miami, just minutes from award-winning shopping, restaurants, and beaches.
  • Our coworking plans are completely customizable to your business. We offer executive offices for those who need a secure and private space to conduct operations, and communal desks for those who want to be right in the heart of the day’s discussion. 
  • Our easy-to-use application makes booking your meeting space a breeze! Use your dashboard to view available rooms and book them in real-time with the click of a button.
  • Perk up your mind with our free coffee and break rooms – plus other great amenities available only to our members.
  • The minds of our established members are yours for the picking – work alongside over 100 industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and local business leaders. 


If your business is located in Miami, visit Starthub to get started on securing your shared office space today. Schedule a tour of the place now – no obligation to join! But 90% of our space is already full of the leading industry experts, so contact us today to join their ranks!

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