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Launching a startup is never simple, an ever-growing economic and cultural platform is essential to help your business not only to start, but also to become steadily profitable; reason for which entrepreneurs often migrate their businesses to places that offer better opportunities. In this sense, according to the statistics at startupranking, the United States of america is the number 1 place to do so.

Although the USA offers dozens of places to become a successful entrepreneur, as we have said before, The 2017 Kauffman Index of Startup Activity shows that the city of Miami (Florida) currently possesses the number 1 ranking when it comes to startup launching.

During the last couple of years the state of Miami has become the epicenter of international business and people are taking notice of it not only in the US but in other countries as well. It’s important to say that an increasingly amount of businesses are migrating to the US in order to be a part of the biggest startup scene in the world.

5 reasons that make Miami the world’s capital for entrepreneurs


At Starthub we consider there’s a total of 5 main reasons that give origin to this phenomenon:

1 – The state of Florida has great appeal to entrepreneurs due to the fact that small businesses have the lowest tax percentage in almost all of the US. Also, regulations to open a business are getting smaller each time and banks even give economic incentives to entrepreneurs of different lines of businesses.

2 – The level of investment in innovative entrepreneurship within the city of Miami is going up. High-tech, ecology and aviation are some of the branches that get most interest from investors.

3 – The fact that you can save yourself the expenditure of renting a physical bureau and hiring staff thanks to virtual offices like the ones we offer at Starthub. People realized that this is the best way to thrive in an environment where most don’t really have that big of a budget but still offer great products.

4 – The myriad of organizations that have helped entrepreneurs in Miami to stay afloat over the years. Government institutions such as the MBDA business center, local organizations such as the CAMACOL, a handful of Universities and various loaning public and private programs give small businesses free conferences, counseling, partnerships, and all types of support.

5 – The weather and geographical location could be sometimes disregarded, but these characteristics have played a fundamental role in (almost accidentally) helping businesses grow without stop: good level workforce from all over the world, a big number of potential customers due to tourism, rich culture, 365 days of sun and the possibility to expand to South America.

Boosting your business in Miami with a virtual office


If you haven’t heard the term before, a virtual office is a remote service provided to business people like you in need of designating partial or total aspects of their work like administrative tasks, answering emails, etc. In brief, tasks that otherwise would require vital time, thus allowing you to focus on clients and expansion without the expenses of setting a full team in an office.

Sure, working from home is cheaper. According to the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report 69% of USA´s entrepreneurs start their businesses at home, nevertheless, giving your home address to all your clients is not only unprofessional and ineffective at times, but it’s also unsafe for you and your family.

By getting a virtual office you have access to elegant addresses. You can work from wherever you want while having an office address in a place like the Brickell district in Miami. The sense of empowerment that entrepreneurs get, plus the affordability and customizability of virtual offices in the number 1 city in the entrepreneur world scene, place startups in the best possible path.

It’s frequent to see entrepreneurs with excellent startups end up frustrated due to poor management or lack of direction and even more so if you wish to launch abroad. Whether you’re dealing with a mislead strategy or the local economic environment, entrepreneurs always have to face decisions they might not have the tools to make when looking for long term success.


Concierge services for business launching in Miami


At Starthub we want to see our entrepreneurs succeed, consequently, we have put together a team of specialized concierges that will assist you in everything you need whether it is legal support, marketing development consultancy, you name it!

Our team is trained to guide you through the whole process: from setting up your virtual business address, to creating a testing strategy for your business without taking the risk of losing thousands of dollars.

As of now, Starthub wants to provide assessment to people abroad who look for profitable business in the US, therefore our business concierges speak 3 languages besides English: French and Spanish, so if you are located in Spain or France and you want to be a part of the best international business scene, don’t worry about language, you can apply for the service, choose your language and our team will guide you through. Discover everything our dedicated virtual offices with business concierge services can do for you.

By choosing Miami as the destiny to launch your startup, you’re exposing it to a sea of possibilities, like participating in startup events of all sizes. From little meetings of entrepreneurs of all branches to show what they’re working on and create networks, to convention-like events such as the Unbound Miami, where corporation owners go to searching for good entrepreneurship they can become a part of,

We are proud to say that we were requested to be community partners of the 2017 Unbound Miami, but not only that, we also presented part of what we do to help entrepreneurs at Starthub.

Starthub is a premier coworking space in Downtown Miami that offers unique local and international business growth solutions. Get 30 days Trial of Virtual Office here

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