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Virtual Learning…that elusive activity that was once reserved for parents that made a conscious decision to homeschool or for one-off classes to learn a new hobby.  But today, virtual learning is a part of everyday life – for nearly everyone.  That means those moms and dads who have been homeschooling for years are now rolling over laughing at the rest of us fools trying to figure this out!  But seriously, this is no laughing matter when you’re trying to get your own work done and monitor your kids learning.  It’s tough!  But, there is a solution that is proving incredibly helpful for many people for Virtual Learning in Florida!  A Miami Coworking Space!

Challenges of Virtual Learning

While virtual learning is the safest option for many right now, it does come with it’s own challenges.  Before, we get into how a coworking space can help, let’s look at some of these challenges.

Challenges for Working Parents

Whether you are an entrepreneur or work for another business, there are some significant  challenges with virtual learning for Working Parents.  The biggest challenge is of course, splitting yourself into two so that you can be there for work and your kids.  Since the splitting or cloning technology doesn’t yet exist, we must find alternative ways to manage it all.  This means finding ways to limit distractions, create a solid schedule, and finding easy ways for kids to engage with their virtual learning activities.  

Even if you can do all of this, you still have to juggle schooling at home while you are hopping from one conference call to another, trying to get that report turned in on time, and answering urgent client emails.  Piece of cake, right!?

Challenges for Students

Now, whatever age your child is, there are challenges for them with virtual learning too.  If the child is very young, well, they just need constant attention and supervision.  If the child is in grade school or high school, the challenges range.  It may be difficult for kids to wake up in the morning and get motivated.  They may have difficulty focusing with all of the at-home distractions.  Lack of self-discipline may be a problem without constant guidance and supervision from the teachers.  Finally, not having social interaction can impact their mood and energy levels.  All in all, they may find the monotony of living, playing, and schooling all from home to be isolating.  

For college kids, they may experience a lot of the same challenges just described.  But there may be new ones too.  Such as not being able to work in study groups.  Or not feeling the independence that they had when out at school.

Needless to say, parents and kids have challenges with virtual learning.  However, the good news is that a Coworking Space can help with many of these challenges. 

Using a Coworking Space for Virtual Learning

A coworking space is traditionally a shared office area that is available to businesses who want to decrease their expenses by minimizing their overhead costs. With a coworking space, you pay a small monthly rental fee to have access to a working space that is shared with other members. It acts just like a permanent office – without all of the time and money that comes with it.  

However, in 2020, people are now turning to coworking spaces less for the cost savings and more out of necessity.  With so many businesses still working remotely they are looking to coworking spaces to give employees options.  Entrepreneurs that previously worked from home, are now turning to coworking spaces to escape full households.  

And the latest trend is to use coworking spaces for Virtual Learning Pods.  These new ‘Pandemic Pods’, as they are referred to, are small groups of 4-5 children that learn together.  Usually, they attend the same school and therefore, follow the same curriculum.  The pod may have a tutor to help guide them through their school’s virtual learning curriculum.  Or they may be learning entirely from a private teacher.  The challenge is that these pods either have to hunker down at one home every day or rotate from home to home of each child in the group.  

A better solution may be to rent a coworking space!  This is an office that the children can go to every day just as they would to school.  The benefit is that they are only with their small group and in a safe, sanitized environment with no exposure to others once they are there.  The cost can be split across the families to make it very economical!

More Discipline – Free From Distractions

Psychology Today looked at what determines successful learning at home and indicated that there is one important area that parents may need to intervene.  Self-Discipline.  The article says that “self-discipline has been found to be one of the most powerful predictors of performance in school, but is also likely a skill many students have not yet mastered.”  Therefore, using a coworking space helps to create an environment of discipline, similar to the school environment.  When they are at the coworking space, they do not have the kitchen, the TV, their toys to distract them.  

Social Interaction Can Promote Collaborative Learning

Many children thrive when they are learning with peers.  Learning becomes more fun and therefore, they are more motivated to do so.  A coworking space where the same group of kids can go each day creates a collaborative learning environment for them.  It gives parents peace of mind that they are only interacting with others that value the same safety concerns.  And it gives them peace of mind that their children are on track with the other kids.

You Get More Work Done!

And alleluia, you get to focus on your own work!  When your kids are tucked away in a coworking space with a tutor to keep them on track, you can actually work!

Set Your Virtual Learning Coworking Space Up Today in Miami with Starthub!

At Starthub, we offer a safe and clean office space that you and your children’s learning Pod can utilize to work.  We’ll even give you your first month FREE. Just click here to get started.  


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