Never Miss Another Business Call with a Virtual Receptionist

Updated February 18, 2021

Your calls are important- but screening them shouldn’t take up most of your day.  A Virtual Receptionist just may be the solution to allowing you to focus on the most important topics and stop screening calls.

Picture this: your new business is thriving.  You’re up in ears in work, but you don’t mind. You’re in the middle of a meeting with an important client when your phone rings. Out of respect for the client, you mute the call and let it go to voicemail, but the caller does not leave a voicemail. Turns out, that was a potential investor who got your number via a referral, and you just missed his only call.

A Virtual Receptionist is your Solution

How can you avoid this situation?  Enter: your virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist is live, not automated.  They can answer your calls, transfer them to you, or take a message on your behalf. That way, you can fully focus on growing your business and leaving room for important tasks, instead of screening phone calls. You can free up valuable time to focus on what’s most important.   Starthub can handle your incoming business calls so you can focus on your business.

First Impressions Matter

You could automate your calls with a system, but in today’s face-paced environment, a human touch when connecting with clients can make or break client relationships. When business growth is your primary focus, any incoming calls are an opportunity for you. Studies show that people are more inclined to hang up when reaching an automated system. A virtual receptionist really adds a sophisticated and professional vibe to your business, and assures your clients that there are in the best hands. 

During business hours, a virtual receptionist will answer all of your calls. After business hours, a customized auto-attendant answers your calls, inform them of the business hours, and then enable the caller to leave a voicemail. The voicemail is sent to you via email so you can listen to it whenever is convenient for you.

Turn your Callers into new Customers

Studies have shown that 70% of callers do not leave voicemails. Thanks to a live receptionist, they won’t have to. Some of our clients have generated thousands of extra dollars in revenue simply because our virtual receptionist caught the call and was able to transfer it over. Additionally, your number can be listed on Google My Business, which is one of the best ways to catch new leads.

A Virtual Receptionist is Customized To You

You can customize your virtual receptionist to your preference. During the initial setup, you choose your own greeting to welcome guests and thank them for calling. You can also keep it simple with just your company name. The live receptionist can then “soft transfer” the calls to you, meaning that they will call you first to give you the caller’s name and any additional information. Then you can then decide to have the call transferred to you or not. Another option is a “hard transfer,” which means that the call is just immediately transferred to you.

Some business owners prefer their calls to be on their schedule, so they choose to not have their calls transferred at all. In this instance, the live receptionist takes a message with the caller’s name and callback number and sends you an email with all of the information you need.

Communicate Business Updates to Customers

This past year has shown us that businesses need to be nimble and able to pivot quickly.  But when crisis or emergency strike and businesses make swift changes, customers always have questions.  This is where a Virtual Receptionist can help your customer relations immensely.  After the 2020 Pandemic, businesses had to change the way they offered their products or services.  Many businesses even closed all together.  For all of these scenarios, a Virtual Receptionist can always be working for you to answer customer inquiries and share the latest and greatest with your operations.

Get Your Calls Answered Now with Starthub

A live receptionist can make your business more professional and credible. We can help you catch potential clients and investors, and you won’t miss out on any important work. At Starthub, you have a dedicated inbound business phone number, where your personal calls and business calls won’t interfere.

Your business calls are just as important as the rest of your business.With a virtual receptionist to answer all of your calls, your clients will feel like they are a priority to you. You can rest assured that your virtual receptionist will add professionalisms and credibility to your business, which will be reflective of your hard work.


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