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French group Green & Biz  raised 17 million to boost “sustainable smartphones.” Green & Biz created two brands, one premium, Remade in France, which offers flawless phones and a cheaper, SLP, that offers refurbished phones with minuscule flaws.

After succeeding in the past few years and becoming the number #1 reconditioning smartphone company in Europe, Green & Biz decided to explore the United States market with a new venture. Remade US is a subsidiary of the French group, and its ready to conquer the biggest market of mobile phones in America.ae9d0f2

The company achieved a revenues of €23 million in 2014, its first year of operation. Everything is summarized in the company name: Green & Biz focuses on sustainable development, without neglecting the profitability requirements. And the concept obviously attracted investors.

When smartphones arrive at the factory in RemadeinFrance in Poilley, they are led by a conveyor belt to a first block. There, they undergo a test phase to verify the basic functionality of the device including the camera. But it doesn’t stop there:75f4653

“With this software, we can also test electronic components,” explains Frédéric Chapron, CEO. “Then each phone faces a workshop for necessary repairs.”

We’re very glad and honored Remade US chose our workspace to start their activities in the United States. StartHub is a multicultural workspace that aims to provide top resources for successful international companies targeting the US Market.

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