Notarize USPS 1583 form

The USPS 1583 form is required for businesses that want to use a virtual mailbox service to receive mail from the United States Postal Service (USPS). This is especially useful for businesses that don’t have a physical location or that want to keep their personal address private.

Postal Compliance

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How Does the USPS 1583 Notarization Works?

Download the USPS 1583 Form

Fill up the Form with 2 Piece of IDs

Notarize in Person or Virtually

Submit Your Form to Your Account Manager

Why Is The USPS 1583 Form Required?

A real street address can be a valuable asset for your business. From establishing a professional image to access to physical resources, learn about the advantages it provides in this section


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TruLease Plan Requirements

In order to make use of this specific service, you must satisfy the following:

Notarize Your USPS 1583 Form

This form helps to confirm your identity and protect against fraud, so it is important to take care of it as soon as possible to ensure full access to your virtual mailbox services.

Do It Yourself

Download the form

 Fill out the form

Notarize it

Submit the document to our team

Virtual Notarization

Instantly Notarize online

Validate Your ID using your cellphone camera

Complete within 10-15 minutes

Form is automatically submitted to Starthub

Frequently Asked Questions

The 1583 USPS Form is a legal document that authorizes us to receive mail on your behalf. This form is required by the United States Postal Service (USPS) in order to establish a Virtual Mailbox address. This form gives us the legal right to open, scan, and manage your mail, which is then made available to you securely online. By completing the 1583 USPS Form, you can ensure that your mail is always accessible to you, no matter where you are.

If you don’t sign and notarize the USPS Form 1583, you may still be able to use your new mailing address but mail won’t be accessible on your dashboard and you won’t be able to request actions, such as scans or forwards, on the received mail. It’s important to complete this form to fully utilize the benefits of our virtual mailbox service.

You have two options to fill and notarize the 1583 form. Firstly, you can download the form, fill it out and have it notarized by a notary public. Secondly, you can use our virtual notary service, which will help you complete the form and have it notarized without having to leave your home.

No, each business name must have its own 1583 form filled out and notarized. The form is used to provide the United States Postal Service with the authorized person(s) to receive mail on behalf of the business, so having separate forms for each business name ensures that the right person is able to receive mail for each business.

Yes, it is possible to fill out the 1583 form without a Social Security Number, although some additional identification may be required.

Acceptable identification includes: valid driver’s license or state non-driver’s identification card; armed forces, government, university or recognized corporate identification card; passport or alien registration card or certificate of naturalization; current lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust; voter or vehicle registration card; or a home or vehicle insurance policy.

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