5 Reasons Why Working in Downtown Miami is great for Business

Thinking of renting offices in Downtown Miami? When I moved here from NYC, I thought to myself, I gotta live “in waterfront Miami, especially the Downtown area.” Never did I think I would live AND work in Downtown Miami, and kick off a Community Manager/part-time blogger role at our amazing new coworking space, StartHub Miami. Dismissing the option of a proper slice of pizza, what makes Downtown Miami so intriguing to the outsider? What engages the investor or business professional about this area, which is home to some of the oldest buildings in the city, dating as far back as the 19th century?

Here are 5 reasons why working in Downtown Miami is just plain awesome for business, with the future of the area even brighter than the lights at American Airlines Arena during a Heat playoff game. Hold on tight…

Below are StartHub Miami’s top reasons to work from offices in Downtown Miami:


  1. Tremendous Residential High Rises:

No one likes a long commute, not even your boss on his way to close his most difficult client of the month. Who wants to drive just about anywhere in Miami during morning rush hour traffic? Exactly.

The downtown and residing Brickell area has over 70+ luxury high rise condo buildings alone. I didn’t even bring up Midtown, South Beach and Coral Gables. With so many options to choose from starting at about $1800+ to several thousands a month, like the gorgeous Epic Miami , One Thousand Museum and 900 Biscayne Bay, the sky is the limit for you to also live and work in the best offices in Downtown Miami. Almost all luxury high rises in Miami have at least one pool (hey, it is Miami), a gym to keep your physique South Beach ready, plus club rooms, business centers and much more. Yes you will pay more living in Downtown than if you had a mortgage in the suburbs of Miami, but the commute would be way less intense. And as an entrepreneur or business professional, prioritizing your time is everything. Would you rather be listening to an audio book in the Benz stuck in traffic on the I-95? Or walk over from your luxurious front lobby into your private office suite each morning?

  1. Convenience of the Metromover and 10 Minutes to South Beach:

Skip the car altogether and jump on the Metromover to work! With the convenience of connecting to Government Center for the Metrorail, Miami has multiple ways to get around that don’t even require a car, seriously. The Metromover can easily get you to downtown via First Street Station, Bayfront Park Station, Knight Center and Miami Avenue Station. Friday Happy Hour in SoBe? Easy, just get a $10 Uber or take the S or C bus straight to Collins Avenue and enjoy that Mojito at SLS hotel.

That’s the beauty of Miami, it’s not as hectic as say, a mega city like NYC, Los Angeles or Chicago, so getting around Downtown isn’t that bad. Did you know that Miami is featured in the Miami New Times as the #1 Happiest Place to Work in?

  1. City AND Water Views:

There is nothing as amazingly breathtaking as waking up to a view from a Miami balcony that catches the glorious skyline and Atlantic Ocean. When you live & work in Downtown Miami, you are away from the tourist congestion of SoBe and the 21 year old spring breakers who just left Wet Willys. You can enjoy a peaceful walk past the many luxury yachts at Bayside, turn around and see the skyline of Downtown and go “Yeah, I live right there!”

A mix of water and sun, a strong work ethic, latin culture and ceviche, your life as business professional can finally can have some “balance” with a Caribbean twist. I call it the “water life” and Miami is truly your aquatic playground to mingle with other work/life balance enthusiasts.

  1. Complete Reconstruction of Infrastructure over the next 2-5 years:

If you are an investor with money to burn, you may want to be part of the recent plans to reinvent a part of this historical area. The Wall Street Journal shares that times are changing for Downtown Miami, and it’s the perfect place to be in the next few years. Currently a mix of old and new retail. residential and commercial, Downtown Miami is the hottest area on track for a makeover of the best kind, and our business center is already there to lead the pack as an innovation hub for entrepreneurs into 2019 and beyond.

Why not be part of this emerging community, and watch the action especially when the price is right?

  1. The Center of the Universe for Access to the Caribbean

If you conduct business in Miami, you have instant accessibility to South American, Mexican and Caribbean interests. Now your portfolio can really diversify and you can even perfect your Spanish if you need to. With Spanish being the #2 most widely spoken language in the US, Hispanic buying power at $1.5 Trillion a year and a US Hispanic population estimated at over 52 million+, Miami’s economic reach is a definite influencer. Miami is influx, merging into new advancements in transportation, commerce, the arts and new business…the question is, will you be part of it?



Guess What? Florida has no income tax! Of all the things the state gets blamed for, Florida definitely has this one thing right. That’s not all: Miami is very business friendly right now. Especially when it comes to health, technology and the arts. If you’re thinking about starting a business or relocating to offices in Downtown Miami, there’s really no better place…and no better time than right now. Need some help? Give us a call at 786-888-2491 and we’ll set you up with everything you need to see if a move is right for you.


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