OpenHUB Spotlight: Miami Startups & International Visitor

So we’ve revamped Openhub in case you didn’t know! We are committed to providing value to visitors as well as throwing in a free week pass to our office space in Downtown Miami as an added benefit. A day, we thought, wasn’t enough for companies to materialize master plans. Through the years of us putting on the event, we’ve met some amazing companies. What we want to do going forward is to showcase our weekly visitors! This will help showcase the Miami community as well as the companies that take time out of their Mondays to meet with our team, privately, over free our French-catered breakfast.


Well, onto this week’s companies…


OpenHub AttendeeWe met Charly Delgado, Sales manager for PLS International. They provide effective solutions, intelligent responses and modern approaches to language training to over 1500 students in more than 30 top leading companies. Their services include comprehensive language training, consulting, quality control, translation and simultaneous interpretations. That’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their solutions. You can learn more about them through the link above.


OpenHub Attendee

Heartin Inc. is a company dedicated to saving lives of people with cardiovascular disorders through early detection via a portable and wireless ECG device that attaches itselft to a sports tee for fitness entusiasts. Company was founded in Silicon Valley by a group of like-minded investors who had achieved success in fields as varying as business, information technology and medicine. Personal tragedy of one company founder inspired Alex Vinogradov to get startded in the field. After launching a successful kickstarter campaign in the U.S. he is now focused on the distribution of his product directly to consumers while establishing key partnerships in the B2B sector as well. You can learn more about his efforts here. Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin


OpenHub AttendeeLindsey came as a mutual invitation by Charly from PLS and we agreed to have here over. She specializes in natural therapies and alternarive healing ever since she was young. her goal with A Life Well-Balanced  is to teach our generation just that… How to Live a Life Well-Balanced – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Turning to essential oils and using them in her everyday life to heal, nourish and protect her body and home has been a wonderful experience for her. Facebook | Instagram


We’re looking forward to connecting with the next group of entrepreneurs! If you’d like for your company to be invited simply RSVP HERE or shoot an email to [email protected] with your company’s information and let’s feature you next week!



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