How a Realtor Can Grow Their Network, Resources & Business

The number one thing you have to be focused on when working with your real estate clients looking for office space is their satisfaction.

Coworking offices like ours, are a fantastic resource that you can tap into as a realtor for several reasons. For example, showcasing your resourcefulness, while creating an additional revenue stream for yourself. Here are the benefits for them:


Temporary Solutions

  • When your commercial client’s office isn’t ready to move-in, they can use our shared office space to continue with their operations in the meantime.
  • If the office they’re moving into will undergo renovations
  • Emergency situations: Power outages, Hurricanes (we are in Miami after all…), construction projects surrounding their operations, etc…
  • The main AC unit loses power.


Short-Term Projects

  • When your clients are looking to expand in personnel but don’t have the physical means in their current location to onboard new employees.
  • Corporate “off-sites”, meaning, a temporary satellite office to tackle a new project and offer a change of scenery to their staff.
  • Seasonal expansions – On-boarding temporary staff during high season


On-demand Office Space Solutions

  • In essence, the concept of coworking that typical firms might not be aware of: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly term leases.
  • The freedom of expanding or contracting their team sizes without fees or hidden costs
  • Discounted additional workspace as their company expands that helps keep their overhead significantly lower than relocating their entire team to a different building to accommodate growth.


So, all that is GREAT… But, what does it really mean for you? You can yourself as a realtor, benefit from the value of being part of a coworking community. We have already shown in the past that coworking is an actual way to turn an office rental expense into a real business investment. If you then decided to join a coworking community you should pay attention, not only to the perks they offer but the hidden benefits some places like ours will offer. Make sure you are geared up to pick your next office and check these 10 Things You Didn’t Know Coworking Could do for You.

Make us part of your business, and watch it grow with our partnership and support.

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