Remade Group Acquires Smartphone Repair Startup SAVE

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Remade Group, whose U.S. Headquarters have been located in Miami, FL at Starthub Accelerator offices, recently closed a new acquisition of smartphone repair company, Save. Remade will pick up its business and employees. In a win-win deal, shareholders will get back some of their money & consumers will still able to find Save shops in malls abroad while Save employees will still have their jobs. Further information can be found in the following TechCrunch article. Here at Starthub we work towards attracting international businesses, such as The Remade Group, to develop their U.S. subsidiaries in Miami through our Soft Landing solutions. Cutting costs of entry to these companies enables them to free up capital which can be allocated to further expand its operations as a whole by reinvesting what they would have otherwise spent venturing into the country without our assistance.


Read more on the acquisition:





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