Remote Jobs are the Future; Create them Now with a Virtual Office

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Remote Jobs are not just a trend, they are the future and they are here to stay.  In all types of careers and jobs, remote working is becoming more and more important for two primary reasons.  First, there are vastly superior technologies and capabilities allowing companies to virtually communicate and work with a lower overhead than the traditional office building.  Second, workers today are demanding more of a work-life balance and remote jobs supports that allowing them to travel, work from home, and select work times that are best for productivity.

Remote Jobs are the Future

Remote Jobs are not only a trend, they are the future.  In a study commissioned by, 95% of respondents said they want to work remotely, and 74 percent would be willing to quit a job to do so.

74% of workers would be willing to quit a job for one that offers remote positions

This study also showed that 42% of workers believe they are most productive working from home, compared to just under a third (32 percent) who feel they get more done in an office.

42% of workers believe they are most productive working from home

Not only are remote jobs what the workers want, but it’s also what more and more companies and business owners are offering.  In a Remote Work Study released from at the end of 2019, 91% of respondents who are business owners selected that they had always intended to support remote work.  31% of respondents said that all of their team works remotely and another 40% said that some of their team works remotely full-time.

Nearly all companies these days, big or small, have been or will be faced with the need for remote work at least some of the time.  Where do you sit on this spectrum?

All Businesses can Benefit from Remote Jobs

The need to support and even create remote jobs impacts every business and every company, regardless of type or size.  This is true whether you are a large corporation, small, or start-up.  Traditional product manufacturer, retail, service, or online.

All Businesses can benefit from creating remote jobs.  Not sure about your business?  Even a Veterinarian can be a Remote Job!  Check out these 21 Surprising Remote Jobs!

Benefits of Offering Remote Jobs

More Flexibility to Connect with Best Talent

When you remove geographic barriers, you open your business up to talented people from all over the world.  Quite different from traditional offices, people don’t need to live in the same city, state or even the same country.  Businesses have the freedom to hire workers from literally anywhere, promoting top-quality employee selection.

As noted previously, remote jobs are what workers want.  If you don’t offer them this, they can easily go elsewhere.  Therefore, it’s absolutely in your best interest to look at the roles in your business and the expertise you need to find and then determine which can be done remotely.

Increased Productivity

With remote jobs, there’s no need to have strict schedules for workers.  Researchers have found employees that work in a fully fixed period are productive less than half of the total working time.  And as noted in the study from, workers indicate that they are in fact, more productive when they are able to work from home.

You can maintain a higher percentage of productivity with remote workers. Virtual offices offer employees the prerogative to decide their schedule.   They avoid time wasting habits and encouraging effectiveness without jeopardizing quality in a much more affordable way.

Employees are only productive around three hours a day.  That means traditional physical offices are paying them for 5 extra hours each day, but not getting a return.  This does not happen in remote working since it is task-oriented.  Employees are free from a fixed schedule with the condition that they complete whatever given tasks within the requested period.

Allows Entrepreneurs to Spend More Time on High Priorities

You can likely see the benefits for large businesses with 10s, 100s, or 1000s of employees.  But what about small, startup, or solopreneur businesses.  They can definitely benefit as well!  When you own the business and do most of the work yourself, you likely are not able to focus on what is more important for driving revenue.  However, there are so many opportunities to hire freelancers, agencies, consultants, or part-time help that is all remote.  You can outsource and delegate more when you open your business up to remote work.  That means, you spend less time on time-consuming ‘tasks’ and more time on revenue-generating activities!

Create Remote Jobs with a Virtual Office

You can see the huge benefits of being able to offer remote jobs.  But, how do you get started?  How can you easily and seamlessly create new remote jobs for your business?  The easiest solution is a Virtual Office!  A Virtual Office is a low-risk, low-cost, high-return investment that can help create the perfect environment and infrastructure for remote workers.

Not only is it easy to start a Virtual Office, but there are instant benefits.  A Virtual Office is a service that provides businesses a physical address without the high costs of a physical office space.  It eliminates the long lease process that leads to hiring administrative staff, paying services and equipment, etc.  For businesses that already have a physical space, it creates a Virtual environment or infrastructure for working remotely.

Virtual offices combine the physical aspects of having a real office address with many more benefits of working remotely.  You get activities such as mailing, conferences, messaging, reception services, among others.  However, virtual offices allow the staff to work remotely.  That translates to lower costs for your business, and more flexibility and effectiveness from workers.  You and your team have more time to dedicate to real business.


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