StartHub logo through Vincent’s eyes

Starthub | Big wheel keep on turning
by Vincent Champenois

Starthub not only is one of the latest coworking office in the rising downtown Miami. It is a hub where professionals are provided solutions and resources to make their ideas bloom and businesses thrive.

“StartHub is an innovation hub that offers an all-in-one solution designed to ignite rapid growth for businesses in a multitude of industries. We offer an international network of mentors, investors and key industry experts that focus on your goals.”

Four key notions come out of StartHub’s presentation, Hub. Industries. International. All-in-one. The logo is without any doubt based on these four notions and shows, in an all-in-one concentric construction, three hubs, a wheel as a symbol of industry and Earth.

Starthub Logo Coworking Miami

The logo illustrates the different aspects of Starthub and one can easily make the connection between the logo and the company’s services. The logo also exists in an horizontal version for which the size of the font has been cleverly increased, and just as cleverly, the logo (except the Earth) has been given a 30° rotation, to fit the capital S of Starthub.

Starthub Logo Coworking Miami

The logo is set in two colors, the ‘hub’ of ‘Starthub’ is set in the same bright blue as the three hubs of the logo, and the rest is set in a dark grey of a similar tonal value. As a result, no color is more important than the other and the logo keeps an homogeneous aspect.

Starthub Logo Coworking Miami

StartHub’s logo fulfills the basic requirements of a logo. It is used, declined and applied by the company to its on- and off-line communication. In a word, it does the job. The shapes and colors illustrate the company’s positioning, philosophy and services. In a word, what you see is what you get.

If from an intellectual point of view the logo works, it lacks consistency from the visual point of view. The three elements, hubs, wheel and Earth are treated in three different ways: the Earth is realistic, the wheel simplified, the hubs abstract. As a result, instead of showing coherence, it shows disparity.

The grid of the logo shows no logic, in terms of proportions and rhythm. First step, reorganize and rationalize the structure.

Starthub Logo Coworking Miami

Step two consists in placing the elements on the grid and at the same time, homogenize their visual treatment. The actual logo being only made of curved lines, it is globally soft and floppy. Adding straight lines to the design would balance its overall roundness.

Starthub Logo Coworking Miami

Step three, inject a sense of dynamism and interconnections. The logo looks a bit too static to correctly represent the company’s values and services. Also, the Earth is visually isolated from the other elements. This can be easily corrected by breaking the connections between the three hubs and let the negative space continuously flow in and out. Not only does the Earth no longer look isolated, but it gives the impression that the hubs feed each other.

Starthub Logo Coworking Miami

Step four, adjust the typeface. The thickness of the typeface doesn’t match any of the many thicknesses of the logo. Also the spacing between letters is a bit too narrow. And God only knows what has been done to the S. A more readable typeface, left untouched and which thickness matches the logo’s (here Tobias Frere-Jones’ Gotham Book) would perfectly do the job.

Starthub Logo Coworking Miami

These few adjustments, including a choice of a new color combination result in a more readable, homogeneous and consistent logo. The original elements and overall structure have been preserved but the result seems more coherent and rational. And professional. After all, is it not what StartHub’s all about.

Starthub Logo Coworking MiamiStarthub Logo Coworking Miami

Vincent Champenois is the Founder and Creative Director at Atelier-a-Propos.  His work extended from musical bands to fashion designers and much more. His designs always bring a new approach to type and page design breaking with traditional layout systems. He continues to explore the possibilities of graphic design, particularly typography as a form of expression across print and video for both commercial and cultural clients.

Vincent recently got featured in the art and design blog called It’s Nice That for his splendid work with Lise Braun Collection, an artist agent and art gallery. You can read the article here: A slick, adaptable modular identity for gallery and agency Lise Braun by Atelier à Propos

Starthub is a premier coworking space in Downtown Miami that offers unique local and international business growth solutions. Get 30 days Trial of Virtual Office here

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