Why is the Starthub Soft Landing Program Unique?

In our last post, we discussed soft landing in general. With this post, however, we wanted to highlight our unique offering. The Starthub Soft Landing program is much more than a mitigated way to launch a foreign company into the US market. We pride ourselves on acting as your ultimate US development partner. Our goal is to help you enter the US market with less risk, less cost, less hassle and MORE success.


Starthub Soft Landing Overview


Starthub is a unique platform that will execute the development of your US subsidiary. Our soft landing program will help you enter the US market rapidly and successfully. Specifically, we focus on optimizing your budget and sending reports to keep you informed while you take care of your main operations. In fact, with our program, you do not even need to be in Miami during your soft landing.


The Starthub Soft Landing Program takes care of all your needs.


Starthub acts as your ultimate US development partner. Our unique, collaborative ‘’ start up ‘’ approach will allow us to operate very high-quality development at optimized costs and fewer risks.


Additionally, Starthub’s Soft Landing program encompasses every aspect of establishing and growing your business in the US market. This includes executive office setup, recruitment and training of your US team, legal assistance, marketing and sales strategies, web development, logistics, and reporting of operations with a dedicated business manager. Thus, our all-in-one program allows you to simplify the complicated process of launching into a new market.


How are we different?



Firstly, we have launched many companies into the US market from abroad. As soft landing specialists, we have developed and tested our soft landing process to ensure success. As a result, our approach to soft landing is both cost-effective and less risky.



Secondly, Starthub has built an incredible network of certified partners, economic development agencies, government organizations and financial groups to support the operations we pursue with you. Our network includes 100+ active Starthub resources with expertise in 12+ industries locally and nationwide.



Finally, our business development platform is connected to a greater business ecosystem in Miami. When we open your US subsidiary, we will plug it into that ecosystem. Thus, we can facilitate meetings with potential partners and other resources. However, if you do not wish to stay in Miami after your launch phase, we can help you relocate and manage the business remotely.



What does our program include?


The Starthub Soft Landing program has been designed to help international companies that already have launched and gained traction abroad to enter a new market seamlessly. Companies who use our program will receive:

1) A physical office in our premier coworking space in Downtown Miami
2) A US Team that collaborates on each project under a dedicated business manager
3) Planning and execution of sales and marketing strategies with full reporting



To conclude, our program is eager to help companies looking to launch their business into the US market from abroad. If you are interested in the Starthub Soft Landing program, fill out an application here.




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