Cuba Is Calling From Downtown Miami

If you have the travel bug, one of our most recent Starthub member companies is challenging you to culturally immerse yourself in a once taboo locale. CUBA CANDELA is a true travel aficionado specializing in hand-crafted experiences. They cater to an international clientele seeking unique, personally-curated and private journeys, throughout the beautiful and enigmatic island of Cuba.


“Wanderlust company changing the world through travel.”

Chad Olin, the founder of CUBA CANDELA, was inspired by his very first visit to the island. Welcomed by the vibrancy of life, Chad was given a true taste of “Cubaneo” –  that feeling of being siempre en casa, or “always at home.” He felt a genuine desire to live in the moment and enjoy life as it is. The meaningful cultural connections he made encouraged him to start CUBA CANDELA, thus designing unforgettable experiences for others as well.




Chad and his team seek to shed light on Cuba to Americans and ignite cultural connections that are long overdue. They’re helping reduce safety concerns and clarify any recent political responses that may normally deter visitors from experiencing the magic of Cuba. Their journeys are the perfect mix of the best Cuba has to offer along with off-the-beaten-path experiences including premium accommodations, private car, local hosts, and much more!

We’re very excited to see CUBA CANDELA grow and evolve at Starthub. For a chance to work alongside a talented pool of entrepreneurs in Downtown Miami such as these, contact us directly for a tour.






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