Miami Startup Scene – Comprehensive Resource Guide

Miami is blossoming as startups are starting to show promise here in the Sunshine State. As a bridge between Europe, Canada & South America, Miami can either be a starting point for international firms to tap into US Markets, or a launching pad for international expansion. StartHub is focused on building this international ‘highway’, attracting more talent to Miami and helping businesses penetrate new markets.

Below is an updated guide to what’s been working, tips, resources, hubs and information about the Miami Startup Scene:

Some successful startups in Miami

Magic Leap: some magazines and writers like to call this company “The World’s Most Secretive Startup.” Magic Leap has been developing in a quiet and unpretentious office in Florida, which is the most funded mixed reality company to date.

LiveNinja: is a live video chat marketplace that connects you with experts in a various of topics, fields, and expertise. Users can search a database of LiveNinjas that teach a variety of subjects and learn from those them directly! The company just secured $2M to combine live web chat and messaging

ADMOBILIZE: is a venture-backed Internet of Things technology company converging tangible and digital worlds. They are focused on delivering real-world insights to increase ROI, through straightforward hardware and software.

Freebee: Free electric transportation around Miami. Each Freebee car simultaneously hosts its own marketing campaign for a variety of clients.

LiveAnswer: an update to the limited, costly, and inefficient model of outdated call-centers


Competitive Advantages for Startups in Miami

  • Geographic location which allows entrepreneurs to easily connect with the rest of the world
  • Relatively new startup ecosystem allows for better penetration and access to resources
  • Melting pot of different cultures for recruiting talent


  • Cost of living
  • Lacks effective public transportation, but currently undergoing major infrastructure updates including projects like All Aboard Florida


Miami Startup influencers

If you know some company/startups/influencer that should be on this list, please e-mail us at [email protected] and we will add it !






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