Take Your Business Fully Remote with a Virtual Office

After nearly seven months of businesses moving to remote working, many are making a permanent go of it now.  Are you considering it for your business?  It’s probably safe to say that your business has had a trial run at remote working.  While you were apprehensive at the start, perhaps you now realize that it works quite nicely.  Sure, there are still a few kinks to iron out.  But overall, running your business virtually on a permanent basis is definitely viable.  You are not alone!  Many businesses have discovered that working fully remote is not only viable. but also a lucrative, efficient, and practical.  As a result, many large, well-known companies have made the switch to long-term remote working. 

There are huge cost savings associated with Virtual Businesses, including office building leases, office management, and other overhead expenses.  But there are also new opportunities that are created.  And just because your business is fully virtual, does not mean that your employees, clients, and teams cannot meet face to face when needed.  So what next?  What ARE the savings, the benefits, and the opportunities?  What first step does your business need to make?  This article will walk you through all of these questions as you evaluate whether to take your business fully remote using a Virtual Office. 

A Virtual Office is Your New Fully Remote Foundation

In the simplest explanation a Virtual Office is the new online or virtual version of your current physical office.  More specifically, a virtual office provides you with a digital platform from which to conduct operations remotely, but also gives your business a physical business address and presence in a desired location.  This means that you can close the expensive physical office space that you have and transition your corporate address to your new Virtual Office address.  We cover this in the next section in more detail.

But it’s not just a street address; virtual offices offer a range of services to help your business run efficiently from wherever you are, such as a virtual receptionist, mail management services, and office space as needed.  That’s right, just because you close a permanent office, doesn’t mean you lose all office benefits!  More on all of these services below.

Save on Overhead Costs when you Ditch the Physical Office

One of the biggest expenses for a business can be the costs associated with a physical office space.  Leasing costs, utilities, maintenance, cleaning, management, and professional costs are very steep for a physical office.  However, for a very reasonable monthly rate, you can get a Virtual Office Address with many of the services you are looking for from a physical space.  Services such as Mail Service, a Virtual Receptionist, and access to coworking space desks, meeting rooms, and private offices as needed.  Check out What is a Virtual Office? to take a closer look at these services.

Fully Remote Mail Management Services with a Virtual Office

Your business runs remotely, but with a Virtual Office, you still have a physical address and can get physical mail!  Depending on the type of business, you may have a lot of paperwork in the form of documents, contracts, invoices, payment.  While much of our world has moved into the digital realm, traditional physical mail is still very much alive for these reasons.   Some Virtual Offices, such as Starthub, offer mailbox and mail services to take the sorting, mailing, scanning, and prioritizing pressure off of you!  That means that your precious time is not spent on mail and can be instead spent on driving growth for your business.

If you’re transitioning from a physical office to a virtual office, a mail management service can also be exceptionally beneficial!  This service can assist with Mail Forwarding and other logistics to ensure that your mail does not get lost in transition!

Get a Virtual Office Receptionist

As you make the move from a physical office to a virtual one, communication is extremely important.  Customers, employees, and other associates for your business may be calling with questions regarding the Virtual Office.  A Virtual Receptionist can help by answering all of these calls.  The receptionist can be trained and given a variety of responses based on business changes. 

Answering phone calls can take hours of your time.  Not answering calls could mean missing that one huge opportunity.  So, what do you do?  A Virtual Office can provide you a Virtual, but Live Receptionist who can take those initial calls and screen them for you.  That means, you save your time, which is a high cost by the way.  You never miss a call and you can call back those clients or potential clients that are most important. 

Improve Productivity Without a Commute

Eliminating the commute ultimately leads to happier, more productive employees.  First, the stress and anxiety from dealing with traffic is eliminated.  That’s the obvious personal benefit for you and your employees.  Let’s take a look at some of the other ways that eliminating a commute can benefit your business.

  1. Work is completed at most productive times.  When people have to be in an office, they are working according to the office schedule.  The office hours may not be the employees most productive hours.  Many people are most productive in the early hours of their day.  A Fully Remote business allows them to work when they work best!
  2. You give them time back!  A commute is generally considered by the employee to be part of their work day.  While they are not necessarily paid for the drive or bus or train ride, it is still their valuable time.  Therefore, if they have a long commute it impacts their day.  They may get into the office at the latest possible time or leave at the earliest.  When commuting time is their own time to manage as they see fit, they will be more in control, and feel empowered.
  3. Save $$ from the commute! There is of course the cost of the commute itself, including the car, gas, train, or other costs.  This is now money in employees pockets or even a reduced cost for business that were subsidizing commuting costs, providing parking, or supplementing employees in other commuting ways.

Office Space Available Even When You’re Fully Remote

Even though your business is fully remote, you can still have access to office space as needed.  There are times when teams must meet face to face.  When you have to meet with a client in person.  Or when you just need to get out of your house to focus!  It can be difficult to focus on your business from your home with so many opportunities for distractions.  Family members, pets, backlogged chores or repairs, and easy access to television and other devices are just a few examples. 

A Virtual Office gives you access to a physical work space with coworking desks, private offices, or even conference rooms.  These types of shared office spaces can increase your productivity by providing you with a working area that is quiet, structured, and free from life’s distractions.

New Opportunities With Fully Remote Businesses

Easily Expand Teams Without Boundaries

When businesses are fully remote with a Virtual Office, geographic boundaries for hiring reduce.  You aren’t tied to your local community for hiring talent to help you grow your business.  Instead, you can comb the country or even the world to find the right person.  At times, this also results in a better price to fit your budget.

There is no increased cost of a larger office space for a larger team.  With a Virtual Office, space is simply not a limiting factor in your equation to success!  So now, you can grow your team to grow your business without increasing office costs.

Expand to New Locations at a lower cost

Are you looking to expand your business to a new city, state, or country?  A Virtual Office can help to do this with minimal cost.  Many Virtual Office providers have addresses in cities around the world.  Or they have a central address that gives you unique access to certain markets.  For example, if you are looking to expand to Latin American, having a Virtual Office based in Miami provides you a unique access point to many Latin American companies.

YOU Get Work-Life Balance!

Let’s face it, starting, maintaining, and growing your own business is not a 9-5 job.  You think about your business and may even work at it, at all hours of the day and night.  With a Virtual Office though, the tradeoff is that you can do this from anywhere at any time.  If you want to take a vacation, you can do so and still be “in the office”.  Your Virtual Receptionist can be answering the phone and notifying you of any emergencies.  Your mail service can be sorting through mail to notify you of any urgent needs.  You can have access to your Virtual Office and team members whenever you need to.  Yet you can still spend time with your family.

Are you ready to Take Your Business Fully Remote with a Virtual Office?


At Starthub, we offer flexible and comprehensive virtual office packages – and they start at just $25/month! We’ll even give you your first month FREE. Just click here to get started.  You’ll receive a prestigious mailing address in downtown Miami, dedicated mail handling services from a talented team, and an innovative digital platform to receive and direct your mail. Plus, 24/7 customer support. For more information on why Starthub is the best choice for your virtual office, click here.


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