Truly Organic announces their exclusive online collection

Truly Organic Inc. announces the launch of its personalizable, USDA certified organic skin and hair care collection now available exclusively on

The long awaited 16 piece expansion comes after the brand’s viral social media campaign ignited by the highly popular, 4-piece USDA certified organic product set.

TRULY ORGANIC offers a complete line of certified organic, high performance, vegan, hair, body and facial products for the whole family. All of Truly Organic’s ingredients are harvested from certified organic gardens and farms around the world. Every month, they pick fresh plants, fruits and vegetables from different regions around the world and find the most nutritious ingredients during that time.

Founded in 2015, Maxx Appelman created TRULY ORGANIC with Co-Founder Harley Gusman, “My goal was to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle seamless. I wanted a product my vegan girlfriend would approve of and that my high-fashion mother would recommend to her friends in the salon,” says Appelman.

Appelman called on the help of renowned chemist, Dr. David Jarvis, and together formulated the TRULY ORGANIC line using only 100% USDA certified organic and vegan ingredients, and tested to perform.

“There had to be no loss of performance in these products. Each formula had to show exponential gains in health and results.”

Truly Organic soft launched with its signature 4-piece personal care line (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion) packaged as a monthly bundle and delivered fresh each month to its loyal following.  After seeing the momentum grow for the brand over the year, Appelman couldn’t ignore the demand for an expanded product line.

“It has really been an honor to see how the public has embraced our products. By using our loyal social media following to crowdsource advice on our formulas, we were able to curate the perfect fresh ingredients every month based exactly on what our customers loved and desired. It was ultimately our Truly Organic community that pushed our expansion; it’s not easy saying no to 1,000 vegan, mommy health nuts!”

In order for Appelman to expand his line, he needed to find the right partners who understood his commitment to his “truly” organic formulas and bring it to scale.

After seeing the Truly Organic movement transpire, Sean Yazbeck (Inc 500 company owner) and David Grenier (former CFO of Costco) expressed their interest in pairing their business expertise with Appelman’s authentic values.

Once Appelman heard of the success of the two “almost sharks” on ABC’s Shark Tank, he agreed that their experience and backing would give the opportunity for more households to try Truly Organic and ultimately live a healthier life as a result. The thought of raising the bar for health standards in personal care on a global level was an undeniable notion for Appelman and he quickly welcomed Yazbeck and Grenier to the Truly Organic Family.

The dynamic brand seems to have all the pieces in line for a major push into the natural beauty and high end markets alike.

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Maxx Appelman
Truly Organic

Harley Gusman




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