Virtual Office For Accountants

Virtual office services will allow you to keep all your client’s mail organized and save time managing it. You can provide them with a cost-effective and professional solution for setting up their new company, while also helping you grow your business remotely.

Centralize Your Mail

Access Mail Online


Virtual office for accountants

Instant Benefits to help You Manage Your Clients

Stay Organized

Receive and store all your clients' mail centralized in one place, making it easy for you to stay organized, save time, and reduce administrative burden.

Remote Access

Access and manage your mail 24/7, giving you the flexibility to take care of important correspondence whenever it's convenient for you


Save on office rent and the hiring of additional employees, allowing you to keep overhead costs low and maximize your profits

Simple Management

Easily add and remove clients to your account with just a click, without any complicated protocols. This makes it simple for you to manage your client base.

New Business Registration

Effortlessly register new U.S, business entities on behalf of your local and international clients using our address and secured and instant registration services.

Increase Revenue

Referring our services and reselling to your client base will help you increase your revenue, client’s retention and credibility.

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Ready to Get Started? Same Day Activation.

Ready to Get Started? Same Day Activation.


Create your "master account" under which all your clients will be added subsequently as ‘mail recipients’.

Add Mail Recipients

Each clients will be assigned a unique suite number and address. You will have access to all their correspondances.

Manage Your Clients

Provide your clients with their new address and individual suite number so they can use it on their documents and banks.

Access 24/7

Your client's mail will be stored digitally and securely accessible 24/7 from your app. Request scans & forward as you wish.

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