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Our virtual office solutions allow you to establish a professional presence in the heart of Houston and tap into the city’s many opportunities. Establish your business in one of the fastest-growing cities in the US and take your business to the next level with a Houston address

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The Best Houston Virtual Office Features

Level up your business with our virtual office plans! Choose the plan that meets your needs to begin your journey toward a more organized and efficient work life. With a variety of flexible options and fabulous features, you’ll be happy you made the change. Let’s do this!

Premium Business Mailbox


Our mail team handles scan, and forwarding your mail received at your new business address, ensuring that you never miss out anything important 

Live Answering Only


Our trained receptionists will answer all your incoming phone calls with your company’s name, and transfer, or take down the caller’s detailed information

Most popular

Virtual Office


Our Virtual Office plan gathers both the benefits of a Premium Business Mailbox, and the Live Answering plans bundled together, at a sweet discounted rate. 

Virtual Office + Access


Meet clients at your own office and conference room or simply drop in to work from a productive environment. This, in addition to the benefits of our Virtual Office plan

Why Choose a Virtual Office in Houston, Texas?

Houston is a city that boasts a thriving business community and a diverse economy. Texas, known for its pro-business policies, low taxes, and skilled workforce, is a great place to start or grow a business. It is one of the seven states that do not have a state income tax in the USA.

Transfer Your Current Mailbox in Minutes

If you already have a PO BOX or use an address for your company and want to switch over to Starthub, follow these simple steps.

Simply select a plan that matches your needs and budgets. You will receive your new address almost instantly.

Fill out a change of address form with the U.S. Post Office directly or on their website. All your mail will be forwarded automatically to your new address.

Our virtual mailbox allows you to check, manage and store your mail in our secured online system. Access it 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

How can we help your business?

Our Team is here to help you find information on the services and solutions we offer to help your specific business grow and succeed.

Available Services in Houston, TX

From a commercial address and check to deposit to package forwarding and more, you’ll discover the effortless way to stay on top of your mail.

Other Locations


Miami – Home of world-famous South Beach, Miami is a diverse city filled with rich culture stemming hundreds of years in the past. We can help you get ahead with expert Miami virtual office solutions .


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Virtual Office Space in Houston FAQs

Houston is the business capital of the Lone Star State, but did you know it’s especially friendly to small businesses and startups? We think it’s one of the best places to start your business for a
few reasons, the most important of which include:

  • No corporate income tax
  • No personal income tax

This means that when you do business in Houston, you get to keep more of your money and invest it back into your business. The city is also known to be quick with permits, cutting down on the red tape so that you can start refining your product/service and build a customer base.

Other reasons to choose Houston as your headquarters include its business incentives. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Texas Enterprise Fund
  • Texas Enterprise Zone Program
  • Founder Institute
  • TMCx Accelerator
  • Mass Challenge Texas

Sounds good, right? Let’s get your business set up and ready to go!

Once you’re ready to start doing business in Texas, save on office costs by opting for a virtual office in Houston. We have a number of options sure to fit businesses of any size and with any needs. Our virtual business addresses, for example, are a great option for businesses just starting out. We provide you with a professional business address, and you can use it to register your business and LLC in Texas as well as for almost any other professional purpose, including taxes. So building a professional presence doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

You might wonder what the big deal is if you’re from somewhere other than Houston. Houston is truly a larger-than-life city. Even when you think you have a handle on how large and diverse it is, the city will manage to surprise you once more. With an incredibly rich community with members hailing from a multitude of countries and time periods, people flock to Houston as the cultural center of Texas. What if you could take advantage of this vibrant city and use it as a backdrop for your business? Businesses all over the country are moving to Houston, and for a good reason. So why not see what remote offices in Houston can do for you?

With our virtual office in Houston, you can grow your business with the assurance that your paperwork complies with regulations. You can use the virtual address for LLC in Houston that we give you as your official business address. This includes using it to register your business, to obtain insurance, and even to get a driver’s license. As far as the world is concerned, your
virtual office in Houston, Texas, is where you are headquartered. Our virtual addresses can also be used for tax and other legal purposes.

With our virtual address for business in Houston, you can have all of your mail sent to our secure facility. It’s a simple process. We give you a real street address, you use the address to receive letters and packages, and we receive everything on your behalf. We then scan everything and log it into your virtual mailbox for easy perusal. You can pick up your mail from our remote office space in Houston! Drop by during business hours, and we’ll have your mail ready to go. Until then, we’ll keep it safe and sound.

At Starthub, our mail goal is to provide the best virtual office in Houston. That includes offering flexible contract terms that allow customers to tailor our services to their needs. Pick from several different virtual office plans ranging from a virtual address in Houston to more robust solutions such as fully-featured phone service and even access to in-person meeting rooms when necessary. Remember that we also offer month-to-month terms so that you can scale your service as your needs dictate. We also offer a full refund if you are unhappy within the first 14 days of service. Whatever your needs might be, simply reach out to our care team!

Our virtual office space in Houston, Texas, offers many benefits to small businesses. Instead of paying for your own receptionist, for example, we give you access to ours! All our receptionists are well-trained and experienced in their field. Our team helps you build and maintain a professional image, including answering your calls using your company’s name and any additional instructions you send over. When you work with Starthub’s experienced team, you never need to worry about missing a call or being caught off-guard and answering less-than-professionally. Let us take care of your customer’s calls so that you can focus on everything else.

Once you’ve decided to look into virtual office space in Houston, Texas, you’re ready to start taking advantage of our convenient mail services. More specifically, our virtual mailbox in Houston is a quick, safe, and easy way to keep tabs on your mail. Starthub’s service is simple. We give you a business address to use to receive packages and letters, then we collect the mail once it has arrived, log it into our system, and upload it to your virtual mailbox. Any mail that needs to be forwarded to your personal address is done automatically by our experienced team. You can always pick up your mail yourself, too! We’re happy to work as a support team to log
your mail into your virtual mailbox and hold it safely until you can stop by.

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