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Updated September 30, 2021

Entrepreneurs have certain freedoms and autonomies that those working for someone else just don’t have.  You get to decide what you work on, when you work on it, and where you work – for the most part.  This is especially true for entrepreneurs of online businesses vs. physical offline businesses.  With online businesses, your customers can easily be all over the world.

However, with all of this freedom, comes a great need for self discipline.  Discipline in regards to costs, time spent on non-priority tasks, and delegating wherever possible.  One way to help with this and an opportunity to further grow your online business is with a Virtual Office.

Here’s how a Virtual Office can help Online Businesses grow profitably.

What is are Virtual Offices for Online Businesses?

One of the most successful and smartest ways to start or expand a business today is with a virtual office. If you are new to the term virtual office, let’s first review what that means.  It’s a service that provides businesses a physical address without the high costs of a physical office space.  It eliminates the long lease process that leads to hiring administrative staff, paying services and equipment, etc.

Virtual offices  combine the physical aspects of having a real office address with many more benefits of working remotely.  You get activities such as mailing, conferences, messaging, reception services, among others.  However, virtual offices allow the staff to work remotely.  That translates to lower costs for the brand, and more flexibility and effectiveness from workers.  You and your team have more time to dedicate to real business.

As an Online Business, you may or may not see how these services can help you, so let’s get into it.

how to succeed as a consultant with a virtual office

Online Businesses Still Need an Address and a Face-to-Face Space

While your customers may be all over, they need to know one place to find you!  That can be an email of course, but customers also want to know that you have a physical address.  A Virtual Office gives you this physical address in a prominent location without the high costs of leasing an office.

You may also think you’re doing ok with video calls, emails, chats, and phone calls.  However, there will come a time when a potential Brand Sponsor, Corporate Partner, Investor, or big Customer comes calling for that in person face-to-face meeting.   A Virtual Office will give you a place to have that meeting in a professional office or conference room setting.

So, these are the two biggest reasons you NEED a Virtual Office.  Now let’s look at all of the other benefits that will entice you to WANT a Virtual Office.

Benefits of Virtual Offices for Online Businesses

The first thing that comes to mind when you realize you need to invest in a virtual office service may be the budget.   One of the things that likely drew you into becoming an online entrepreneur was the low overhead associated with it.  Rest assured, a Virtual office is usually much more affordable than renting a physical office and paying for everything it requires to run.

While the overhead cost savings are incredibly beneficial, there’s so much more to save and to gain.


Credibility and reputation is obviously a key aspect to the success of a business.  With so many online businesses popping up each and every day and so many scams out there, consumers are weary.  People want to know that the business is credible and trustworthy.  If there is no address listed anywhere on the website, this can lead to distrust and concern.  Even a PO Box these days can give the same concerns.  People want to know that you have invested in a physical address that they could mail a letter to if they ever needed to.

A Virtual Office, not only gives you a physical address, most give you Mailbox Services too.  So, when that important letter does get mailed to you, the service is there to scoop it up, scan it into the system for you, and flag it for you to see immediately.

Finally, in terms of credibility, with many Virtual Offices, you also have the option of a Virtual Receptionist.  This means, you have someone to answer your calls and let you know when any important call comes through.  This can be a huge credibility driver for your online business.

More Flexibility to Connect with Best Talent

As an Online Business Entrepreneur, you’ve already experienced the benefits of reaching customers all over the country and potentially all over the world.  Now, think about building your team with talented people from all over.

it opens the door to candidates from all over the world. Quite different from traditional offices, people don’t need to live in the same city, state or even the same country.  Businesses have the freedom to hire workers from literally anywhere, promoting top-quality employee selection.

However, this does not necessarily mean workers will never see anyone.  With Virtual Offices there must be good communication amongst bosses and employees.  This is exactly one of the best advantages virtual offices give their clients.  They can offer a meeting room wherein people can have important meetings both face to face or remotely.

Working with a talented team doesn’t only mean people you hire.  It can also mean networking with other entrepreneurs that can offer guidance and advice.  Networking can uncover partnership and collaboration opportunities.  It can also mean finding unique friendships or mentorships.  Virtual offices are growing and more and more small businesses, online business, and entrepreneurs are leveraging the trend to help grow their businesses.  This means more and more opportunities to connect!

Increased Productivity

With a virtual office, there is no need to have strict schedules for workers.  Researchers have found employees that work in a fully fixed period are productive less than half of the total working time.

You can maintain a higher percentage of productivity with remote workers. Virtual offices offer employees the prerogative to decide their schedule.   They avoid time wasting habits and encouraging effectiveness without jeopardizing quality in a much more affordable way.

Employees are only productive around three hours a day.  That means traditional physical offices are paying them for 5 extra hours each day, but not getting a return.  This does not happen in remote working since it is task-oriented.  Employees are free from a fixed schedule with the condition that they complete whatever given tasks within the requested period.

What Next?

Still at the stage where you are just starting your business?  Be sure to check out these Must-read Articles.

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Read on for more guides and tips for building and growing your business!



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