What is a Mail Forwarding Address?

As a business owner, you are continuously on the move.  The last thing you want slowing you down is mail.  Wondering if an important document was delivered while you are traveling is a headache you cannot afford.  Therefore, a mail forwarding address can help to keep your mail on the move with you.  

A mail forwarding address is – at the most basic level – a service that redirects mail addressed to one location to another address.  Post offices offer this service as well as other mail service providers, such as virtual office and virtual post office box services.  Traditionally, these types of services were used only on a temporary basis.  However, more and more, businesses are looking into leveraging agents to receive and manage their mail.  This can save you and your business time and money!  To this end, there are huge benefits today to using a mail forwarding address all the time through a Virtual Mailbox.  A Virtual Mailbox will give you a Mail Forwarding Address plus so much more!

Using a Virtual Mailbox as your Mail Forwarding Address

A virtual mailbox is physical business address with digital mail management services.  It provides your business with easy, worry-free mail handling. A Virtual Mailbox is offered through most Virtual Office services, such as Starthub.  It’s a business-changing service that can make managing physical mail as easy as managing emails!  Some additional services that you can read more about here are:

  • Receiving and scanning mail to your digital mail platform
  • Managing and forwarding mail
  • Shredding

Aside from giving you a physical mail forwarding address and these other services discussed, there are many benefits for your business.  Check out the article, How A Virtual Address & Office Can Help Your Small Business to find out more about these benefits.

A virtual mailbox is a great way to streamline your mail handling, boost your business image, and save money. Virtual mail services are cost-efficient, easy to use, and help take administrative tasks off of your shoulders. They are a great solution for any business that wants to maximize their operations, but they are especially great for small, startup, or remote businesses.

Regardless of whether of who you use to receive and manage your mail, you will need to complete USPS Form 1583.  Read more about what this form is and how to use it here!




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