Why a Virtual Online Mailbox is Better than a PO Box

Updated November 18, 2020

So you’ve started a new business, and it is time to separate your work from your home. Many have gravitated towards a PO Box in the past, since they are easy to set up. But there are limitations with a PO Box.  For example, a PO Box cannot receive packages from other carriers.  They aren’t easy to manage and cannot be used legally for business registration.  A PO Box is also not the best option when you want to set up payment online.  Therefore, is a PO mailbox really the best choice or offer the best value? A Virtual Online Mailbox and Address may be the answer.

Registering your Business with a Virtual Online Mailbox Address

While a PO Box certainly allows you to receive mail, it has some limitations. Bank and merchant services typically will not accept a PO Box as your main business location.  That means you would not be able to open a business bank account with only a PO Box. Most states will not allow you to use a PO Box when registering your business as an LLC or corporation, and they certainly will not let you register your business through your home address.

A Virtual Online Mailbox Address can be used as a registered agent.  This means that governments documents, business registrations, and bank and merchant documents can be received at this mailbox location.

Your Credibility is at Stake

Let’s talk about meeting with clients or investors.  Inviting them to visit your garage office, likely will not leave the best impression.  A Virtual Online Mailbox Address, however, is tied to a physical location.  So, you can bring your clients to a professional office location.  Many Virtual Office plans offer access to the space, so you can even schedule important meetings at your registered business address location. This lets your clients know that you are credible, legitimate, and reliable.

For many clients, especially when you are selling a product, a PO Box can raise some red flags and deter business.  Unfortunately today, there are thousands of scams that are run directly from a PO Box. A Virtual Address reassures your clients that your business operations are located in the United States, so they can contact you anytime if issues should arise. After all, a confident buyer equals a long time buyer, and a virtual office can get you there.

Catch More Clients on Google

Most potential clients look up new solutions to their issues via Google- and how can clients find your business if you are not registered? Google does not allow businesses to register on Google My Business with a PO Box, since a physical business address is required. Any listings that are not an actual location will be removed from Google. A Virtual Address is a real location, so you can use this business address to register your business on Google My Business. This improves your online SEO footprint, and helps you reach more clients.

Don’t Miss Out on Important Packages with a Virtual Online Mailbox

Do you love Amazon? We do too. With a USPS PO Box, you sadly won’t be able to receive any of the business supplies you ordered. A USPS PO Box does not accept mail from different carriers.  This is an obvious problem if you have packages coming through FedEx, UPS or DHL.

A Virtual Address can accept mail from any carrier, no matter the size or weight. Your packages can be held until you request a forward or are picked up.

Ease of Accessibility with a Virtual Online Mailbox

If you travel a lot or are out of the country, getting mail from a United States PO Box can be inconvenient. A Virtual Office offers mail and package handling.  You can request a scan of important documents or have it forwarded to you directly. Tired of your mailbox being filled with junk? You can request a shred from anywhere.  No longer do you need to waste time on items that are already destined for the garbage can.

A Downtown Office, Without the Cost

“Where are you located?” is a question that any business owner hears quite frequently. Chances are, your clients won’t be impressed by your garage-turned-office. A Virtual Address in a prominent US location gives you the elevated business image that you want, without spending a fortune on a skyrise office. Conference room access, a live receptionist that can answer all of your calls, and mail handling are all part of a comprehensive package to help your business succeed. You will impress your clients with the high level of sophistication that your business brings to the table.

A Virtual Online Mailbox Address for a Payment Gateway

Payment Gateways are more important than ever as businesses look to sell their products online.  In order to do this, you need to set up an Online Payment Gateway.  The requirements for starting a payment gateway are very straightforward, but very critical to getting right: 1) a Physical US Address  2) an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and 3) a Bank Account.  As already mentioned above, a PO box cannot be used for registering your business, so once again, you can see how getting your address set up the right way from the start can impact your needs later on.

Reopen Your Business with a Virtual Office

If we haven’t convinced you of the benefits of Virtual address yet, then here is one last reason!  With a Virtual Office that gives you a virtual address, you often get Virtual Receptionist services.  With customer communication so critical this year, a Virtual Receptionist can make a huge difference in giving your customers that personal connection.  Read more on how a Virtual Receptionist can help you pivot your business or reopen.


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