Virtual Mailbox Service: Manage Your Mail Remotely

You can instantly and remotely access your mail information from your phone or computer. So no matter where you are, you can stay up-to-date on your mail and packages and easily manage it remotely.

New Mail

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How it Works

Utilize your new address and suite number.

We receive and sort mail for you.

Manage your mail from your dashboard

Access it anytime, from anywhere

An Online Mailbox Service Easy to Set Up.

Streamline Your Mail Management

Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, you’ll need a virtual office to help you stay connected beyond your physical capacity.

24/7 Access

Keep all your mail in one place with our service. You can access your mail anytime, anywhere at your fingertips.

Never Miss Deliveries

We'll handle the receiving and organization of your mail and packages, so you never miss on essential deliveries.

Centralize Your Mail

You'll never have to worry about losing track of your mail again. We'll help you keep everything in one place.

Secured Storage

We take security seriously and provide a safe, secure location for storing your mail and packages. Your mail is in good hands.

Set Your Business Address Today, Start Receiving Mail.

Dedicated Mailbox

Full Refund

The Perfect Virtual Mailbox for Your Business

Dedicated Mailbox

Full Refund

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24/7 Access

Our US Virtual Mailbox Locations



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Our virtual mailbox solution makes building a professional business image easy while hanging out in sunny South Beach. We can receive, send, scan, forward, and securely hold your mail!


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It’s no hardship to do business in one of America’s most diverse cities, and our virtual office mailing address makes it even easier. However, if you need a professional mailing address with the ability to send, receive, and forward mail, Starthub can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual mailbox service is an easy concept. First, you get a virtual mailbox. This allows you to see all mail that has been delivered as our team scans in it. You can do this simply by forwarding your mail to our address to be logged and digitized, but it’s much easier to get a virtual mailing address to use as your official mailing address. You can use this address to register your business, send and receive mail, and much more.
Once your mail arrives at our facility, our trained, professional team scans your envelopes and packages and uploads the images to your virtual mailbox. You can sort through these records at any time to keep track of your mail.

We take our clients’ security seriously. We only work with trustworthy professionals we have thoroughly trained to handle mail safely. Everything you receive is kept private except for scanning envelopes and packages to upload to your virtual mailbox USA. With our business virtual mailbox, you can rest assured that the content you send and receive will remain confidential. Starthub also utilizes secure mailbox storage space so that we can keep your items and envelopes safe until you arrive to pick them up, or we forward them to the address of your choice.

A virtual office address mail-receiving service is a great option for businesses of many different sizes. There is always someone to receive and secure mail during business hours, for example, which might not be the case if you are out and about or working in a brick-and-mortar office building. We also scan your mail so you don’t have to, making tracking what you have received and sent over time easy. In addition to this convenience, our virtual mailbox solution is both flexible and affordable, offering safe mail handling no matter where you might be.

Yes, you can access your virtual mailbox 24/7 through our secure online portal. You’ll have access to all of your mail, packages, and important documents from anywhere, at any time.

With our virtual mailbox service, you can request several actions to be taken with your mail. Some of the actions include scanning and forwarding of physical mail, forwarding to email, holding for pickup, and recycling/shredding of junk mail.

Yes, there may be fees associated with our virtual mailbox service, such as storage fees. These fees vary depending on the package’s size you choose and the amount of mail and packages you receive. Our virtual mailbox service includes scans, pickup, and shreds at no additional cost. Forwarding of your physical mail is charged the lowest market postage fee plus a processing fee.

Contact us for more information on specific fees.

You will receive an immediate access to your client’s Dashboard. To start using your Virtual Mailbox, simply fill out and have a notary public sign your USPS 1583 form. This form authorizes us to receive mail on your behalf, and is a Postal Office requirement for all Virtual Mailbox customers. Once we receive the completed form, you can start using your Virtual Mailbox right away. You can also use our super simple virtual notary service to instantly get this done.

Yes, you have the option to pick up your mail in person. Simply show up or let us know in advance and we will have it ready for you during our business hours.

Yes, you can receive mail in the name of multiple staff members within your business. This is a common need for companies with multiple employees who need to receive mail at the same virtual address. However, there may be additional fees for adding additional mail recipients. These fees are usually nominal and are designed to cover the administrative costs of processing and distributing mail to multiple individuals.

Yes, you can receive mail for other businesses or brands, however, you may need to complete additional USPS forms to authorize the use of the mailbox for multiple businesses or brands. There may be additional fees for adding additional mail recipients such as brands,or other subsidiary companies. Our team is available to assist and guide you through this process to ensure a smooth setup for all your mail receipt needs.

Yes, you can forward your mail and packages internationally. Our virtual mailbox service will take care of everything, including label creation and finding the lowest carrier rate for you. We are dedicated to ensuring your mail and packages are delivered to their destination in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Yes, there may be fees for storage of packages through our virtual mailbox service. The exact fee amount depends on the size and quantity of packages being stored and may vary over time. We recommend checking with our customer service team for the most up-to-date information on package storage fees.

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