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Virtual Offices for Real Estate Agents in Miami

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Real estate agents in Miami must stand out in a very competitive environment.  One way that many may not think of to stand out is to leverage a Virtual Office.

As of 2019, there are more than 184,000 realtors licenses in Florida and around 1,400,000 licensed in the US. NAR has a full list where you can see exactly how many realtors there are by state as of Feburary 29th, 2020.  As a result, the industry has become very competitive.  Therefore, every single detail could help you make the difference and win the war for commissions over other more established real estate agents and brokers.

Whether you just received your realtor license (congratulations!) or you’re looking to grow your current business, a virtual office may be the right solution for you.

Virtual Offices for Real Estate Agents in Miami

Virtual Offices are not just for online businesses or home-businesses looking to open a mailbox and receive mails/packages. They are ideal for Real Estate Agents in Miami.  It’s also a cost efficient and instant way to grow your credibility and trust toward prospects.  Virtual Offices convey a well-established business.  It also also give you the flexibility of working from anywhere.

Over the years, lots of realtors have signed up for plans like Virtual Office or Virtual Office + Access which gave them instant access to the following benefits:

– A Prestigious Office Address

– Centralized Mail Management

– Business Phone Line

– Personalized Receptionist Answering Service

– Access to Meeting Rooms and Office on-demand

Let’s review how virtual services apply to the real estate world.  You are about to see how they can help you step your game up and win more clients.

Real Estate Agents in Miami Need Real-Street Prestigious Addresses (First Impression matters!)

The first thing a prospect will do is google your name or your company’s name to get more information. They say ‘ first impression matters’ and it couldn’t be more true. Before even checking a website, a potential client will see your name and address listing.  If your name shows a home address, an accountant office or a PO BOX, you could lose credibility.  You may be perceived as a mediocre realtor who is just trying to make it.

Having your own office address allows you to win that first impression with potential clients

Stay Organized and Centralize your Mails in one place

Over the course of your career, you have been (or will be) dealing with different offices, different brokers and different cities. However, you need to ensure anything related to your business stays centralized in one place.  You should not need to drive by your former boss to get your mail or packages.  You will no longer miss out on important renewal notices because mail went to your previous apartment.

A virtual mailbox allows you receive a notification anytime you receive something at the office and you can manage it from your phone at any time, and from anywhere. The key to success is consistency and organization. Unfortunately, many real estate agents in Miami lose business opportunities by missing on some very important correspondances.

Increase your calls and impress without taking the phone!

Real estate agents in Miami are inundated with calls.  HOwever, many don’t know how to manage them efficiently.  Let’s look at a couple real-world examples you might be able to relate to.

First case:

Let’s say a customer is looking for a Miami coworking office or local marketing agency.  The business phone number they find looks like this: ‘’ (938)-XXX-YYYY” or “ 1-800-XXX-YYYY”.  Well, the customer already knows the business is definitely not local. In this example, a Miami’s phone number should either start with (305) or (786).  By not owning one, you reduce your chances of getting local and very qualified prospects calling you.

Second case:

A prospect is looking to buy a 1 Million dollar house in Miami and calling some realtors found on Zillow or As the agent picks up the phone, the first impression sounds distracted and unprofessional. Why? A couple of reasons:

  • The realtor is probably receiving client’s calls on his cellphone and can’t tell if it’s a friend/family or a potential investor.
  • If it’s an unknown caller ID, the realtor won’t answer the phone and won’t check voicemail
  • A ‘ Spam Likely’’ caller ID is displayed and there is no way to call back

These things happen very often. However, they could be avoided or resolved by having a business dedicated phone line with a professional receptionist.  A Virtual Office can provide you with a Virtual Receptionist.  This is a LIVE person, trained to answer under your name and to present your services. Once a caller is on the line, your Receptionist will try to reach you.  Or transfer the call or take down a message and send you all the details. That’s basically like having a personal assistant at your disposal, for less than $50 per month.

Meet with your prospects and clients at your own office

Meeting future clients at a local coffee shop, restaurant or …. A Starbucks? Please don’t….

Put yourself in the shoes of your client who is about to buy or sell his next property.  Their top concern is finding the right agent to represent him. They do not want to sign an exclusivity contract in a noisy, public, and inappropriate environment.  No, they want to be personally welcomed by professionally trained receptionists.  To be directed to a million-dollar looking conference room where your name is displayed as if you owned the place.

We are not exaggerating here, that’s exactly what’s included with your virtual office in our Brickell / Downtown Miami’s offices. You can book offices or conference rooms on demand.  Even have your assistant prepare the rooms with your brochures and printed contract in advance !

Bottom Line: Real Estate Agents in Miami can Win with a Virtual Office.

It can help make the difference with other agents and build an instant credibility to look and sound professional.  Without having to spend much money, a virtual office in Miami is the solution. It’s been tested and approved by local realtors.  Our metrics show that their calls are increasing over time and callers or visitors are always impressed and reassured to deal with an established realtor agent.



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