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Level up your business with our virtual office plans! Choose the plan that meets your needs to begin your journey toward a more organized and efficient work life. With a variety of flexible options and fabulous features, you’ll be happy you made the change. Let’s do this!

Premium Business Mailbox


Our mail team handles scan, and forwarding your mail received at your new business address, ensuring that you never miss out anything important 

Live Answering Only


Our trained receptionists will answer all your incoming phone calls with your company’s name, and transfer, or take down the caller’s detailed information

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Virtual Office


Our Virtual Office plan gathers both the benefits of a Premium Business Mailbox, and the Live Answering plans bundled together, at a sweet discounted rate. 

Virtual Office + Access


Meet clients at your own office and conference room or simply drop in to work from a productive environment. This, in addition to the benefits of our Virtual Office plan

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Your Atlanta Virtual Address Features

Our virtual office plans provide work solutions to fit your needs. From establishing professional credibility to having access to physical resources, read more about the features our plans offer in this section.

A real street address can provide numerous benefits for your business, including a professional image, convenient mail delivery, and the ability to register for local business directories.

With our virtual office plans, you will receive a prestigious real business address in a prime location, including a unique suite number.

Our virtual mailbox allows you to check, manage and store your mail in our secured online system. Access it 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

With a virtual office, you can manage your mail remotely with unlimited incoming mail opening, handling, scanning services, and free storage for your mail items.

Forward any of your important mail to any address in the U.S. or internationally, allowing businesses around the globe to use our virtual office services.

With our virtual office’s mail forwarding services, you receive the lowest market postage and processing fees.

Who Benefits From It?

Any solopreneur, startup, or established company looking for a cost-effective solution to establish credibility and expand its reach into the Magic City market should consider obtaining a virtual address in Atlanta. Individuals and businesses can obtain virtual mailbox services, mail management, and more using a Atlanta mail forwarding service such as our virtual office solutions. Our virtual address for your LLC in Miami is a great option for anyone who prioritizes convenience, privacy, and a reputable online business address.

Benefits Of Starthub Virtual Business Address In Atlanta

A real street address can be a priceless asset for your business. Some of the advantages of obtaining a Atlanta mailing address include:

Boost Professional Image

Receive Physical Mail

Open Bank Account

Register for Business Directories

Business Licenses & Permits

Enhance Local Presence

Register New Companies

Other Virtual Mailbox Locations


Miami – Home of world-famous South Beach, Miami is a diverse city filled with rich culture stemming hundreds of years in the past. We can help you get ahead with expert Miami virtual office solutions .


Home of world-famous South Beach, Miami is a diverse city filled with rich culture stemming hundreds of years in the past. We can help you get ahead with expert Miami virtual office solutions.

Virtual Address In Atlanta Faqs

Miami is a vibrant city with a rich culture taken from many diverse groups of people. The city’s history begins early, with the Mayaimi tribe – from which Miami gets its name – in the 16th and 17th centuries. The city hasn’t stopped growing, and today hosts more than 14 million tourists every year. From its warm, tropical beaches to its collection of art deco architecture – the
largest in the world – Miami attracts quite a crowd. It has also spawned a few important elements of beach culture, not the least of which is suntan lotion. Created by Benjamin Green in 1944, beachgoers often make the best of their tans with the city’s own special blend – Coppertone!

Atlanta is many things, but “affordable” isn’t one of them. In fact, the city is one of the most expensive in the nation, and you will pay dearly for the privilege of working here. Unless, of course, you decide to give this Atlanta virtual office space a try.

A virtual office in Atlanta is an excellent choice for businesses looking to maximize features without overspending. More specifically, virtual offices take away a lot of the overhead that makes renting office space so expensive. Physical real estate, for example, is exchanged for virtual office space, taking that cost out of your bill. If you hope to secure flexible and affordable office space with the added benefit of offering your business a professional business address, our virtual office might be perfect for you.

Atlanta is a city that never sleeps. Whether you spend some time in South Beach or prefer wandering the art deco district, Atlanta is more of an entity than it is a city. That’s one reason entrepreneurs love the locale – it is just as busy and on the go as they are.
If you’re looking for a foothold in Atlanta, virtual office space is a great way to expand your presence. This is true for a wide variety of industries, including freelancers to, entrepreneurs, and startup business owners. Established businesses interested in expanding their reach here, regardless of their industry, can benefit from virtual office service in Atlanta. Make your mark in Atlanta without incurring the expense of physical office space with a virtual office,  downtown Atlanta, address

When you’re ready to rent a Atlanta remote office space, there are just a few steps to take. First, you need to pick which of our plans fits you best. We have four different options:

  • Premium Business Mailbox – $29/month
  • Live Answering Only – $39/month
  • Virtual Office – $49/month
  • Virtual Office + Access – $59/month

The first two plans are perfect if you are primarily interested in a professional answering service and mailbox. The last two are designed for people who need a bit more control. Our Virtual Office plan offers all of the benefits from our first two plans as well as a priority support line.
While we offer our clients the best customer service no matter their plan, a priority support line guarantees quick help.
Our Virtual Office + Access plan is our most comprehensive, offering access to all of the above as well as four hours of in-person meetings and office rooms per month (and the hours roll over from month to month) as well as lounge access.
Next, click “Get Started” and get started! This process should only take a few moments to complete. Simply pick the plan’s duration, tell us a bit about yourself and your virtual office in Atlanta needs, and check out. That’s it!

Rest assured that your mail is safe in Starthub’s hands. When you work with our team, your mail is managed by trustworthy employees screened by our company. We take our client’s security seriously. That’s why we work only with experienced professionals dedicated to protecting your personal information.
We scan, log, and store your mail as soon as it arrives at your Atlanta business address at our facility. If anything needs to be forwarded to you, whether that is outside of Atlanta or within it, we do that just as soon as possible, too. Our goal is to provide quick, secure service for our customers.
Remember that you can always pick up the mail from your virtual business address in Atlanta in person with our virtual office in Atlanta! That might sound contradictory, but we’re happy to hang on to your package and physical mail so that you can pick it up at your own convenience.
Simply show up anytime during business hours, and we will have it ready for you. You can call ahead, too.

We send invoices during every pay period that can be paid using credit cards or direct debit. This is true for all of our Atlanta virtual office plans. Note that if you are late on payment, your services might be disrupted at any time. Resuming them is easy, however – simply reach out to our team and we’ll make sure your account is current and restore your benefits.

Our plans may be automatically renewed if they are not canceled before the next billing cycle. If this happens, fees will match the market rate at the time of renewal rather than the price customers pay when they initially sign up. Starthub provides new clients with a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you want to cancel your service within 14 days, we require a physical notice of cancellation, including a written record. A refund will be issued once the cancellation request has been properly submitted.

In addition to offering a virtual office address in Atlanta, Starthub also offers in-person coworking space! Our comprehensive in-person services include desks, conference rooms, and even executive offices renewed monthly. Whether you are interested in a virtual mailbox in Atlanta or want a fully-furnished suite with plenty of room for your whole team, we have the right co-working space for your needs.
As part of our coworking plans, we offer amenities such as private conference rooms available for investor and board meetings as well as consulting and workshops. And, as always, there are no hidden fees or security deposits are required.

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