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Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand, our virtual office solutions are designed to help you every step of the way. From incorporation to setting up a professional address and implementing phone answering.

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Our virtual office solutions provide a wide range of services to help you establish a professional image and streamline your business operations.

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A business mailing address, mail management, and phone answering come as standard. Compare different plans to ensure your virtual office meets the needs of your business.

Premium Business Mailbox


Our mail team handles scanning and forwarding your mail received at your new business
address, ensuring that you get all the important information.

Live Answering Only


Our trained receptionists will answer all your incoming phone calls with your company’s name
and help you create professional experiences with your callers.

Most popular

Virtual Office (Mailbox + Phone)


Our Virtual Office plan gathers both the benefits of a Premium Business Mailbox, and the Live Answering plans bundled together, at a sweet discounted rate. 

Virtual Office + Access

Meet clients at your own office and conference room, or simply drop in to work from a productive environment. This in addition to the benefits of our Virtual Office plan.

Your Virtual Office in the USA



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Starthub's virtual office solutions allow you to establish a professional presence in Miami, Florida. Tap into the Magic City's diverse community and wide range of business opportunities. Florida is one of seven states that do not have state income tax, which means that with your Virtual Office in Miami, you won't pay state income taxes on earnings from your Florida LLC


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Our virtual office United States services are also present in Houston, Texas, one of the country's fastest-growing cities. Take your business to the next level with a professional business address in Space City. This Virtual Office in Houston, not only offers a professional business facade but also caters to your growth aspirations. H3: Ready to Get Started? Same-Day Act

Ready to Get Started? Same-Day Activation

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Frequently Asked Questions

With our virtual office spaces, you can have a professional business address and the ability to use conference rooms. You can also enjoy the benefits of a virtual receptionist handling your calls, voicemails, and mail.
In addition, when you rent a virtual office space from Starthub, you can use your address to register a new company and establish a strong business presence without the added costs of traditional office space. Whether you’re a start-up, freelancer, or established business, a virtual office offers you a cost-effective solution to manage your business operations efficiently and

Yes, absolutely! With a USA virtual office address, you can use it to register your business, get a driver’s license, or even obtain insurance. This address offers a professional image for your business while also providing you with a convenient virtual office location to receive official mail and packages. You can also get some official documents, such as proof of address & lease agreements.

With our virtual office packages, you’ll have a prestigious business address at a prime location. Not only is this a physical location where you can receive your mail, but it’s also a real office that you can visit whenever you need to. Furthermore, our virtual corporate office addresses are part of our global network of real workspaces, so you’ll have access to a professional and welcoming environment for your business. Additionally, suppose you need a physical space to work. In that case, you can upgrade your virtual office package to access our business lounges or even a private office or co-working desk for more flexibility.

At Starthub, we offer flexibility in choosing your contract term to fit your needs and budget. You can choose from a month-to-month option, a 12-month plan, or an upfront yearly plan. The latter provides a discounted rate for committing to a full year with us. This way, you can choose the best virtual office solutions option for you and your business. You can review the different options and prices here.

With our virtual office solutions, you will receive a prestigious real business address in a prime location, complete with a unique suite number

123 Grand Street, Suite #1234 Miami, FL 33150

This address can be used for official business correspondence and can help you establish a professional image for your company. Additionally, you will have access to our virtual mailbox system, allowing you to receive and manage your mail and packages securely online.

With our virtual mailbox service, you receive a real street address instead of a P.O. box number.Whenever you get mail or packages, we receive them on your behalf and log them into your virtual mailbox. You can then access, manage, and download your mail from anywhere at any time through our secure online platform. Your virtual mailbox also offers the possibility to request mail to be scanned, forwarded, picked up, or securely shredded in one click.

Our virtual office setup process is quick and easy! Once you’ve chosen your desired virtual office solutions package and location, we can have your new address ready in no time. The entire process is seamless, so you can use your new address immediately.

Sure! If you’re not completely satisfied with your virtual mailbox rental, you have the option to receive a full refund within the first 14 days. Just make sure you haven’t received any mail or used your account for any other purpose. If that’s the case, simply reach out to our customer support team by email only at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to process your refund. However, please remember that refunds are unavailable after the first 14 days of signup or if you have used your account to receive mail and calls.
Yes, you’ll receive professional live answering services with our Live Answering, Virtual Office, and Virtual Office + Access packages. Our trained receptionists will answer your calls using your company’s name and handle your calls according to your instructions. This service provides you with a professional image and helps ensure you never miss an important call. In addition, the service comes with a phone number you can choose se between any regular state or toll-free number. Read more about the live answering service here.
You can use our virtual office addresses for a multitude of business licensing needs, including registering your LLC or other business, applying for certificates of use, obtaining tax receipts, and much more. Other uses for your virtual office address can include:

  • Registering for business licenses and permits
  • Obtaining a business Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Applying for your business license certificate
  • Fulfilling residency requirements for licensing purposes
Whether you need an official location for your business licenses and permits or a mailing address for your company, we have a convenient, efficient answer with our virtual office solutions. Through our reliable and flexible virtual office services, you can handle all of your licensing requirements without the cost and responsibility of maintaining a physical office location.

You can terminate your contract for virtual office services without any additional charge provided you terminate at the end date stated in your Starthub Virtual Service Agreement or at the end of any extension or renewal period. To terminate your agreement, you must provide us with notice at least 30 days in advance.
For clients enrolled in our 12-month membership program, terminating your contract prior to the end date of the agreed-upon 12-month period would result in a cancellation fee that is equivalent to one month of your regular renewal fee as well as payment of any outstanding amount you owe.
Clients enrolled in a month-to-month agreement may cancel at any time.
Regardless of the plan, we will not grant any prorations or refunds due to a request to cancel your agreement. We will, however, grant refunds to any client who cancels their agreement within the first 14 days after signing up.

There are no setup fees to get started using our virtual office solutions. You can begin using the service of your choice right away with no additional fees or costs. All you have to do is select a service package, sign up for the package of your choice, and begin enjoying the benefits of renting virtual office space from Starthub. To sign up, follow these step-by-step instructions:

      1. Visit our Getting Started page.
      2. Select the city of your choice (Miami or Houston).
      3. Confirm your package selection.
      4. Choose your contract duration (monthly, yearly – billed per month, or yearly – billed up front).
      5. Enter your first and last name, email address, and phone number.
      6. Proceed to checkout.
      7. At checkout, you may choose to add:
        • Additional mail recipients for $10 per person
        • Additional virtual numbers for $10 per number
        • Professional voice recording for $30
      8. Enter the requested information, including the name of your organization and billing information.
      9. Complete the reCAPTCHA challenge, select the “I accept the Terms and Conditions” box, and click “Place My Order.” It’s that simple!

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