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There are 1.4M attorneys in the US and while most are still working out of traditional physical offices, this is starting to shift.  In 2019, the American Bar Association published the article, Virtual Is the New Law Firm Reality, A roundtable of five leaders managing virtual law firms.  The article cites enhanced technology, high office rents, traffic and long commute times, work/life blend and a desire to better serve clients as some of the top reasons that attorneys are creating Virtual Law Firms.   Virtual law offices have huge benefits for established firms or a new private practice.  

What is a Virtual Office

Virtual offices combine the physical aspects of having a real office address with many more benefits of working remotely.  You get activities such as mailing, conferences, messaging, reception services, among others.  However, virtual offices allow the staff to work remotely.  That translates to lower costs for your business, and more flexibility and efficiency from workers.  You and your team have more time to dedicate to real business.

For attorneys, starting a Virtual Law Office is a low-risk, low-cost, high-return investment.  It can help create the right environment and infrastructure for expanding or going out on your own. 

Why Should I Use a Virtual Law Office?

Virtual Law Office can help accelerate your business.  If you are starting a new law firm it can help propel your start.  If you have an existing law firm and are looking to expand it can help remove barriers and drive expansion. 

For some attorneys, it may be time to break away and start something on their own.  Moving into private practice can have huge investment barriers.  However, with a Virtual Office, you can alleviate those high cost physical needs.  Costs such as renting an office, building it out with furnishings, and hiring receptionists, and other facility managerial roles.  Instead, you can start a Virtual Office and hit the ground running to start building a client base. 

For other attorneys, they have already built a successful practice at an existing firm.  They may be looking to expand with more attorneys or to new states or regions.  In this case, you can maintain your current office space and expand by implementing a Virtual Office.  

With all of the different scenarios, a Virtual Law Office gives you instant access to the following benefits:

  • Build Credibility with A Prestigious Office Address
  • Expand your Firm’s Reach Across the Country & World 
  • Instant Low-Cost Services, such as Mail Management and a Professional Receptionist
  • Client Privacy with Access to Meeting Rooms and Offices as Needed

Let’s explore how each of these benefits can help you start or grow your client base, your practice, and ultimately, your firm!

Law Firms Need Real-Street Prestigious Addresses (First Impressions matter!)

There are few professions that require an impeccable first impression more than the legal profession.  Client don’t want to be represented by someone in sweats working out of their home.  They must believe they are getting the most professional, organized, and successful attorney.  

To this end, one of the first things a potential client will do is google your name or your firm. Before even checking a website, a potential client will see your name and address listing.  If your name shows a home address, an accountant office or a PO Box, you could lose credibility.  You may be perceived as a mediocre attorney who is just trying to make it.

Having your own office address allows you to win that first impression with potential clients.

Easy Expansion Across the Country & World

There are many benefits to creating a Virtual Law Office.  One of the most significant is that you eliminate many of the physical barriers associated with expanding your business.  For example, you can be based in California and open an office in Florida.  Florida may give you unique access  to clients not only in the state, but even in Latin America.  You can hire and maintain a team of lawyers licensed to practice law in new jurisdictions.  You can provide legal services with attorneys residing in various cities.  Cities, such as, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and even London.  All while you remain comfortably wherever your home base is. 

Instant Low-Cost Logistics Management

As mentioned, a Virtual office combines the physical aspects of a real office address with benefits of working remotely.  You still get mail services, a new business phone number, and virtual receptionist service to manage your in-coming calls.  

Stay Organized with Centralized Mail Management

As an attorney, drafting, reviewing, revising, and executing documents is a big part of the job.  Depending on your practice, you may have individual or business clients.  Each client has their own set of documents.  Even in our digital world today, legal documents need to be signed and sent through traditional mail.  On top of this, your firm receives many other packages, letters, notices, paperwork, and more.  

You could hire someone to manage all of this…or get Centralize Mail Management through your Virtual Law Office Service! 

A virtual mailbox is a digital mail service that provides your firm with easy, worry-free mail handling. Imagine if your physical mail was as easy to manage as your email – that’s what a virtual mailbox can do. You receive a physical business address to receive and process mail.  The service can scan mail and upload it to a digital platform where your virtual mailbox is housed.  This means you have immediate access to it – no matter where you are. There are a range of services and amenities that come with virtual mailbox packages.  Most of these services include forwarding, shredding, and holding packages. Services are customizable and typically invoiced on an as-needed basis.

Never Miss an Important Call!

As an attorney, your time is valuable and cannot be wasted answering unwanted telephone calls.  You need someone on your team that can answer all calls with the utmost professionalism.  Someone to Screen calls to ensure that each and every call is handled with care is critical.  A Professional Receptionist caters to current client’s needs.  They ensure potential client calls are never missed, and critical legal calls are addressed and forwarded.

A Virtual Office will not only give you a Business phone number, it can provide you with a Virtual Receptionist.  This is a LIVE person, trained to answer under your firm’s name, redirect calls, take detailed messages, and present your services. Once a caller is on the line, your Receptionist will try to reach you.  Or transfer the call or take down a message and send you all the details. That’s basically like having a personal assistant at your disposal, for less than $50 per month.

Uphold Client Privacy with Access to Your Own Office

There are many different types of legal practices, such as Bankruptcy law, Corporate law, Criminal law, Environmental law, Family law, Health law, Immigration law.  Regardless of the type of law you practice or clients you serve, they all have one important need in common.  PRIVACY.

Imagine you are looking to sue a business for wrong doing.  You reach out to an attorney that you found online.  Your initial phone call gives a good first impression.  Then you ask to meet in person and the Attorney says, ‘Great!  Let’s meet at XYZ Donut & Coffee Shop at 3pm.’  What would you think?  Exactly!  You would think to yourself, forget it!  What if I see someone that I know?  What if someone overhears us?  And what kind of attorney is this that they do not even have an office with privacy??    

When you have a Virtual Law Office, you have access to professional office space on demand.  You can choose from private offices or conference rooms.  You can meet with your individual clients or business teams as needed.  Your clients will be personally welcomed by professionally trained receptionists.  You can meet with your clients in the private and professional setting you require. 

Start or Expand your Firm today with a Virtual Office from Starthub

There are so many benefits and such low risk.  Tt just makes sense to start or expand your law firm with a Virtual Office!  At Starthub, we offer comprehensive virtual office solutions. We’ll even give you your first month FREE. Just click here to get started.  You’ll receive a prestigious mailing address in downtown Miami, dedicated mail handling services from a talented team, and an innovative digital platform to receive and direct your mail. Plus, 24/7 customer support. For more information on why Starthub is the best choice for your virtual mailbox, click here.


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