Must Read Articles for Small Business Growth

Small business growth may have fluctuations and can often plateau.  If you find your business in this plateau, ask yourself this: How often do you take a step back from your business to look at it strategically?  Small business owners and Entrepreneurs often go long periods of time working IN the business, grinding away.  That’s important, it’s what sets entrepreneurs apart from others!  However, you also need to take a step back to make sure you are focusing on the right things.  Perhaps you are a solopreneur and cannot seem to find the time.  Perhaps you are just in a rut.  Whatever the reason is, as the leader in your business, you must make time to look at strategy, marketing, and if needed, building teams to help your business grow.

To help you get started, we have put together a list of articles to inspire you and get the strategic juices flowing.  If you are just getting started with your business, be sure to first check out Must-Read Articles for Starting Your Own Business.  Then review Must-Read Articles for Customer Acquisition Strategies.


A focused strategy is critical for small business growth.  It’s incredibly easy for new businesses and small businesses, to veer off track or be tempted in a new direction.  However, if your business tries to be everything to everyone, it will end up being nothing to no one.  So a refined strategy that you continually refer to and use as a compass for decisions, will help you to stay on track.  Here are the strategy and marketing articles to help you with your small business growth.

How to Prepare for Strategy Planning

It’s always important to set long term vision, goals, and strategies to get there, especially for small business growth. But after the past year, business as we know has shifted. You’ve likely been hustling to keep things going, pivot as needed, and go the extra mile to keep your customers happy this year. But, it’s important to take a step back, and now more than ever – to revisit your business long term vision, goals, and strategies. This article gives you valuable tips and ideas to make time and space for Strategy Planning, step out of the weeds and work ON your business vs. just working IN it.

PR Customer Acquisition Strategies for Small Business Growth

PR Strategies for small businesses

Public Relations, or PR, strategies are not exclusive to large Corporations. Small Business can use PR to grow their business as well. In fact, small businesses can benefit even more by gaining exposure to new customers. One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is to create awareness. PR can help to create buzz and word of mouth so more customers become aware of your unique product or service. But how do small businesses get that exposure through PR? This article will walk you through 7 simple PR strategies to get people talking about your business.

Ways Business Collaborations and Partnerships Drive Small Business Growth

Coworking Shared Office Spaces can help with connections

It’s no secret that 2 heads are often better than one. That working together can usually solve problems and drive growth faster and farther than if you work alone.  Even so, many small and even large businesses are hesitant to work with other companies.  Some of the reasons may be fear of sharing secrets, admitting shortcomings, losing customers, or perhaps sharing in the revenue.  The truth is, when done right, working with other business can actually help to widen your reach, deepen your knowledge, and strengthen your impact.  In other words, business partnerships can drive significant growth for your business!  In this article you will learn the different types of partnerships to explore for your business.

Content Marketing Tips and Resources

If you need some content marketing tips to start or recharge communication with your audience, this article is for you! Content Marketing is CONNECTING with your customers wherever they are. It’s reaching out to say HELLO and remind them you are here for them. And it’s such an effective way to drive growth for your business. Creating content across a variety of channels can help you acquire new customers and gain loyalty among existing customers. And today, more than ever, it’s an important part of communicating and connecting with your customers.

This article covers the importance and benefits of content marketing, tips for creating your content strategy, and valuable resources for you as you start to build your strategy and execute content!

Website SEO Tips for Small Business Growth

You started your website, so now it’s time to help people find it!  Unfortunately, just because you build a site, it doesn’t mean that anyone will find it.  Unless of course, you show up where they are!  That’s where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes in.  This article will help you to improve your SEO and get your website seen with some of the most important website SEO tips for small businesses.

How Google My Business Is Helping Your Business Succeed

Is your business listed on Google?  This is one of the easiest ways for potential customers to find you!  The Google My Business platform is one of the most important platforms for businesses to know. Every day, thousands of potential clients use Google search for services or products that you may offer. Standing out is critical, but it can be difficult.  Google My Business is a real-time way for you to keep customers updated on information pertaining to your business.  Read this article to find out all about the benefits of Google My Business.

Top 5 Payment Gateways for Virtual Businesses

Are you looking to grow your business and increase cash flow through online sales?  Then it’s time to set up the purchase and payment process online.  You will need to set up the business credit card processing.  This can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to select a Financial Services provider to set up your Payment Gateway. This article will first walk you through the basics of what a Payment Gateway is and how you can accept credit cards online. Then the Top 5 Payment Gateways are reviewed here for businesses starting to sell online or looking to scale.


Often, small business owners feel as if they need to do it all.  Or that others cannot do it as well.  However, the sign of a good business leader is focusing on what you do best and then finding people to do the rest.  Building teams is therefore, critical to small business growth.  This doesn’t mean that you must go out and hire a bunch of full time employees.  It can be a combination of full time, part time, consultants, agencies, or just mentors and peers that you turn to for advice.  Here some great articles to walk you through the opportunities.

4 Hiring Tips for Small Businesses

Hiring Tips for Small Businesses

Small Business owners often take on way to much. They tend to hold on to business activities for two primary reasons: to either save on costs or out of fear of letting go of control. However, with close analysis, successful business owners and leaders can quickly see how outsourcing and delegating to a team can actually earn you more money in the long run. Furthermore, outsourcing activities that you are not an expert in or simply do not enjoy doing, can help you to GAIN control of the most important activities for your business. So, how to you go about this analysis to understand what activities you should be hiring someone else to do? And then, how do you find the right person to hire? Well, you’re in luck because this article covers 4 of the most important hiring tips for you and your small business.

Computer with zoom meeting in progress. Effectively Build and Manage Virtual Teams

The new normal for businesses today is virtual or remote working. That means, effectively building and managing virtual teams is critical for leaders to learn. This is true whether you are building a Virtual Team from the start or transitioning your current team to remote working.  This article will cover 3 main areas for you as a manager or owner of your business: (1) How to Build New Virtual Teams (2) Transitioning Existing Teams to Remote Working (3) How to Effectively Manage Virtual Teams

Remote Jobs are the Future; Create them Now with a Virtual Office

Remote Jobs are not just a trend, they are the future and they are here to stay. In all types of careers and jobs, remote working is becoming more and more important for two primary reasons. First, there are vastly superior technologies and capabilities allowing companies to virtually communicate and work with a lower overhead than the traditional office building. Second, workers today are demanding more of a work-life balance and remote jobs supports that allowing them to travel, work from home, and select work times that are best for productivity.


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