Must-Read Articles for Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business?  Congratulations!  This is an exciting time, but it can be overwhelming with so much information available to you and no clear direction as to where to look first.  The good news is that you found your way here.  We, at Starthub, have put together a comprehensive list of articles that will walk you through the steps to starting your business with ease and completeness.

Making sure that you set your business up the right way from the start will save you time and cost later.  It will also help you to focus on what’s important to compete with other new and existing business.  And there are many!  New businesses started in 2021 vs. 2020 are rising, with a reported 2.8 Million new business applications submitted in first half of 2021, according to the US Census.  That means that you will need to do your research to not just start your business, but to develop the strongest and most competitive launch plan for your customers.  Be sure to move on to the next set of articles linked at the end of this post for more next steps for your new business.


Are you still in the idea stage for your new business?  Perhaps you have the idea, but are struggling to determine how to bring it to life?  Here are some articles that can help you work through this stage.  This is the time to fully flesh out and formulate your idea and then turn it into a business plan.

Do what you love spray painted on wall. Start your side hustle!

How to Start a Side Hustle in a Few Easy Steps

A side hustle is a small start at your own business.  It’s where you start to make income on the side while still holding down your day-job.  However, it’s not just a hobby, because the intent is to create a business and make money.  In many cases, your side hustle can become big enough to become your Main Hustle!   This article will walk you through: (1) how to select your side hustle (2) how to formalize the business and (3) how to set goals and a schedule for running your side hustle while holding down your day job.

Write a Business Plan for Your Idea

Ideally, a business plan come before starting your own business.  However, whether you are at the business idea stage or the launch stage, you need a business plan.  The process of writing the business plan forces you to take a step back to ensure you are looking at the big picture.  After zooming out, a business plan also helps you to then zoom in to formulate the details for your business launch.  This article will walk you through (1) the definition of a business plan (2) When you should write one (3) why you need one and (4) what format to use (5) what to do with your business plan.

USA Flag

Why You Should Start A Business In The US

One of the biggest opportunities for many businesses is to expand or start a business in the US.  With technology advancements and an increasingly globalized world, now is a perfect time for expanding your business. It’s now more possible and lucrative than ever before. With a solid business plan and a firm understanding of international markets, your potential for growth is now seemingly unlimited.  This article will walk you through the growth opportunities when you start a business in the US.


Start & Run a Business from Home with a Virtual Office

More and more small business are launched and based from home every year. The flexibility and freedom that comes with working from home is a key driver.  For others, the entrepreneurial spirit and desire to do something different is the reason run a business from home.  In this article you get 8 Steps to Start your Business at Home. Plus, read on to find out how a Virtual Office can make this process even easier!

The Ultimate checklist for starting your Miami business

Miami, Florida is considered one of the top US cities for starting or expanding a business.  This article will take you through some of the key benefits of Miami for new businesses, as well as give you a comprehensive 9-Step Checklist for Starting your Miami Business today!

Start Your Business in 2021 in 4 Steps

Not sure if 2021 is the best year to start a business?   2021 has been identified as an optimal year to start a business because of the unique opportunities that come during a recession., identified 2021 as being  perhaps one of the best times to start a business.  This article explains why and they shows you how to get started.  Take that idea that you’ve had extra time to think about this year, leverage the high online demand and potential workforce available to help you, and get going in 2021!  You can’t grow if you don’t start!

Steps for Starting an Ecommerce Business

Are you considering starting an ecommerce business?  Perhaps you’re looking to launch a new business.  Or maybe you have an existing business that you are looking to expand to the online arena.  Either way, an ecommerce business holds huge opportunity if it is set up in the right way.  Before jumping in, be sure to research and plan ahead to ensure that you are setting up your ecommerce business in the best way for your customers.  This article covers the steps to review before starting an ecommerce business.

What is a Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent is required to file your company with the Department of State.  This is an individual or entity that is formally responsible for receiving legal and State correspondence for your company, such as subpoenas or renewal notices.  In this article, all of your questions about what a registered is, how to find one, when to get one, and more are answered.

LLC vs C-Corp: What are the Best Business Legal Structures for My Business

Starting or expanding a business to the United States is a dream for many entrepreneurs around the globe. If the US launch is well-planned and successfully executed, it can become a dream come true. However, if you don’t have the right legal and logistical practices in place, those dreams may be dashed. One of the most important first steps is to understand the different business legal structures and which is optimal for your business.

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Can I Use My Home Address for My LLC?

Congrats on making the decision to start a Limited Liability Company, or LLC! This is one of the most common business structures for new and small businesses. It’s easy to set up and protects you personally from a business liability perspective. One of the primary requirements before you apply, is to obtain a valid physical business address. If you’re asking yourself whether to use your home address for an LLC, be sure to read this article first.


Your business is registered and you are ready to start generating revenue!  Here are more articles to help you in your next phase.

Guide to Starting Your Own Website

Every business should have a website, but the truth is that not all businesses do.  Or if they do, it may only be a landing page with basic info and is not maintained.  But, if there is one thing the challenges of 2020 have shown us, it’s that an online presence is absolutely CRITICAL for all businesses today.  So, if you fall into any of the following categories, then this Guide to Starting your Own Website is for YOU!

Top 5 Payment Gateways for Virtual Businesses

Your product or service is ready to launch! Congrats, this is huge! So, now it’s time to set up the purchase and payment process online. This can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to select a Financial Services provider to set up your Payment Gateway. This article will first walk you through the basics of what a Payment Gateway is. Then the Top 5 Payment Gateways are reviewed here for businesses starting to sell online or looking to scale.

Creating an Online Store for your Business

Every day, more stores open online, more products are sold online, and more purchases are made through ecommerce.  So, where does your business reside in terms of ecommerce?  If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely made the decision to start selling products online.  However, just because it’s easier today than ever before to sell online, does not mean it’s easy.  Starting your business, and then creating an online store can be overwhelming and consuming.  This article walks you through the important steps for creating your online store.

COMING SOON!  Must-Read Articles to help you with Customer Acquisition



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