What is a Registered Agent?

You’re ready to start your new business in the US!  Congratulations, this is a very exciting time! You should have first determined the Type of Business Structure that you want to legally start your business as.  If not, READ THIS FIRSTThe next step is to file your business with the state.  As you start to research this, you may ask: What is a Registered Agent? 

What is a Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent (R.A.) is required to file your company with the Department of State.  This is an individual or entity that is formally responsible for receiving legal and State correspondence for your company, such as subpoenas or renewal notices.

What are the Requirements for Designating a Registered Agent?

There are certain rules you must follow when designating a R.A. They include:

  • They must reside in the state you are registering your business (if they are an individual) or be able to conduct business in that state (if they are a business).
  • Their address must be a physical address in the state at which to receive your mail. They cannot have a P.O. Box, as many documents are certified and require signatures.
  • They must be available during normal business hours to receive and sign for your mail

When you have designated a R.A., you must submit your choice to the Department of State when you file your Articles of Organization. There is usually a filing fee to designate one.

Does My Business Need a Registered Agent?

Yes, if you are about to start a business in the United States, you need a R.A.  This is a legal requirement whether you are currently a US resident, based in another country, expanding your International business to the US or starting your business in the US.  All new business must have one when filing. 

Must My Registered Agent address be the Same as My Business Address?

No!  As long as your registered agent has a physical address in the state where your business is registered and at which to receive correspondence, you will meet the minimum requirement.

Can I Act as My Own Registered Agent?

Yes, although we do not recommend this. R.A.’s must be present at their registered address during normal business hours to receive documents, so using your home or personal address may create problems if you are out of the office or unavailable. This information is also available on the public record, which can create safety or privacy issues if you use your personal address.

How Do I Designate a Registered Agent?

Once you have settled on a R.A., simply file that information with your Articles of Organization to the Department of State and submit your filing fee. Your R.A. is required to sign your application.

Can I Change My Registered Agent Later?

Yes. After incorporation, you can choose to designate a new R.A. Fill out and submit the update form here with your filing fee.

How Do I Find a Registered Agent?

There are many options for Registered Agent services. Many can be found and designated online, so there’s no need to make a special trip. They are often available through many Virtual Office Plan providers, such as Starthub.  It may be an added cost service, so be sure to inquire about this service.

Starthub offers a comprehensive Registered Agent service with each of our virtual office packages – and they start at just $25/month! Visit us at StarthubCenters to find more information about our Registered Agent services.

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